Kids Animal Quiz Android Autism App For Critter Lovers!


App: Kids Animal Quizautism android app

Developer: TapJoy

Platform: Android 2.2 and up

Price: $.99  Download from Google Play

Category: Android Apps (English)


Autism App Tests Your Knowledge Of The Animal Kingdom!


Kids Animal Quiz is one of the first android apps that we’re reviewing on Autism Plugged In, and it was actually recommended by a reader of the blog!


autism app for android


This application is a wonderful choice for children with autism who have already used some other great animal apps and know most of the basic animal names.  Please note that this game does not really teach kids the names of the animals on its own unless used in conjunction with parental guidance.  This is more of a game that can be played by animal lovers than a way to learn animal names (though the app does help kids to learn all of the sounds that these creatures make.)

Overall, Kids Animal Quiz is an program that could create some awesome memories!


Kids Animal Quiz: Over 100 Different Animal Image/Sound Combos


animal app for autistic kids


One of the strengths of Kids Animal Quiz is its simplicity.  No menus, no settings, no nothing – just animals.  There is a purple speaker button at the top of each picture that pops up onto the screen, and users tap this icon to hear the sound that the particular animal makes.

After listening to the sound provided and taking a look at the image on the screen, kids type at the bottom of the program what they believe the name of this animal to be.  Red letters means that the answer is wrong, and a correct answer, which shows up in green letters, will add one to the total amount of animals that you have guessed correctly and will move you on to the next animal.


Don’t Worry About Getting Stuck On An Animal!


animal app autism


Kids Animal Quiz did have a couple of critters that I couldn’t recognize immediately, but I’m also not much of one for animals.  (Just found out that mastodons were extinct a couple of weeks ago – from a kid who has autism.)  If you don’t know one, just tap the brown arrow at the top right of the screen!

This Android autism app reminds me of that Logos Quiz game that’s popular right now in that you move up in levels based on cumulative success.  So, for example, if you only figure out two of the animals every day, you will still move up to level two in five days.  There’s no time limits, penalties, or other kinds of restrictions – just pure fun with animal naming!

Get Kids Animal Quiz at Google Play

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