ShoppingList: Life Skills App For High Functioning Teens

Life Skills App

App: ShoppingList

Developer: Werner Freytag

Platform: iPhone and iPad (English, Spanish & 20 More Languages)

Price: $2.99  Download ShoppingList for iPad + iPhone

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ShoppingList: Awesome Life Skills App

ShoppingList is, as the name implies, an application that helps you to put together and manage a shopping list.  Sound related to autism?  Perhaps not to some people, but many individuals affected by autism would really appreciate being introduced to this program.  Life Skills teachers: take note of ShoppingList’s features!


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A great number of school programs designed for children with autism start teaching “life skills” at some point, usually around the mid to late teen years.  Amont other things, these life skills involve going to the grocery store and purchasing necessary food items, and figuring out how much change should be given in return for a purchase.

If you’re already helping a loved one integrate an iPad or iPhone into their life, then ShoppingList would be a great addition to that selection of applications.

Many affected by ASD will feel much more comfortable if they can keep all of their data on the same device as opposed to carrying around slips of paper in addition to their tablet.


How ShoppingList Is Organized


shoppinglist autism app


One of the reasons why I believe that ShoppingList is a great fit for higher functionals affected by ASD is the simple interface it has which allows users to quickly add and cross items off of your list.  When the program launches, just press the “+” button to add a new product to the default shopping list.

Here you can do several things: add the name of the product to put on your list, add a photo of that product, assign a category to that product, put an amount of the product that you need to buy, assign a price to the product, or write a note about the product.

There is also a helpful barcode button which allows you to scan barcodes to determine prices!


shoppinglist autism app


Additionally, there’s a solid list of common grocery items already loaded onto the device from which you can choose.  To cross an item off of your list, simply tap it!  The simplicity of ShoppingList is what really makes it a great tool for high-functioning individuals doing their own shopping.  In fact, I may actually use it in my everyday life just because it keeps my shopping efficient and free of things that I don’t need.  (Twinkies, Doritos, and other such items.)

Adding and Editing Lists on the ShoppingList App

When on the main page of ShoppingList, users will see a list of the different shopping lists that they have created.

From here, you can do a few things: tap on the cog wheel to change settings (you may want to increase the font size), tap on the “+” button on the top left to create a new list, or tap on the “Edit” button at top right to delete lists, change list names, or add a photo to a list.  This is helpful if an individual has a routine shopping agenda that they run through on a weekly basis – just save the list so you don’t have to keep re-making it every time you go out!

ShoppingList App Helps You Figure Out How Much Money to Bring

Another way that ShoppingList could really benefit higher functioning individuals affected by ASD is that it can give you a pre-trip price calculation.  Some users may go shopping and bring a $20 bill with them, only to find that their items add up to more than that amount.  ShoppingList could help avoid confusion and a potentially catastrophic situation, if used to its full potential!

Get ShoppingList at iTunes: Download ShoppingList for iPad + iPhone

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