7 AAC Apps for iPad That Get Results

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AAC apps are some of the most expensive autism apps that we review, but they also have a huge potential to change lives and help kids build connections.  What kinds of connections?

Connections between their minds and the outside world.  Connections that help them to express their ideas in ways that they normally would not be able to.  Connections with other people, with whom they can communicate via devices like the iPad.

Note that all of these apps have been reviewed on Autism Plugged In, so just click on the links in order to read the full reviews.

These seven applications are all different, so pick one that’s right for your child’s situation!


7 Amazing AAC Apps for iPad


AAC Apps MyTalk Tools


1.  MyTalkTools

MyTalkTools is a wonderful AAC application for those who have a little bit more money to spend, are comfortable with working on the computer, and really care about customizing their child’s experience.

This app requires you to pay a fee in order to access the full computer workstation on the MyTalkTools website, but this service makes customization awesome!  That was the main aspect of AAC that the developers focused on when they created the application, so it’s also a great medium for any other techniques that you may want to put into action.  For example: prepping students for a fire drill with a sequence of pictures and sound bytes.

MyTalkTools – Easily Create Boards Relevant To YOUR Child’s Life

aac apps proloquo2go


2. Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go is my personal favorite app when it comes to AAC.  With this awesomeness, however, comes an increased cost.  You’ll have to shell out $189.99 for this program, but the voices are great, the customization is great, the thousands of pre-loaded pictures are great, the interface is great, and everything is just plain awesome.  I’m even a certified trainer who helps people learn to use and customize Proloquo2Go, so I may be a bit biased :)

Proloquo2Go – Award Winning AAC App

autismate aac apps


3.  Autismate

Autismate is in fact an AAC app, but this is not for those who need a communication-specific program.  Autismate is more of a full-blown therapy tool that integrates video, tracking a child’s progress, AAC, and much more.  I really have an extensive review on this app, and I recommend that you read it to get a clearer sense of how Autismate can be a life-changer.

Autismate – Scene-Based Approach to Communication

AAC Apps iToucan Talk


4.  iToucan Talk

iToucan Talk, unlike the others on this list, is completely free.  Also unlike all of the others on this list, it is for Android tablets only.  This application comes pre-loaded with a ton of great pictures, but this app is a must-buy for anyone with an Android device.  If you’re an iPad user, there’s definitely a better, more expensive option.  (Free isn’t always the best value — but can be a superb option for those of us on a tight budget!)

iToucan Talk – Free Android AAC App


picture card communication AAC apps


5.  Picture Card Communication

I love Picture Card Communication because it is very simple.  There are pictures with text on them, and tapping a picture makes the iPad say that word.  It doesn’t get any easier than that, and we all know that sometimes simpler-to-operate is better.

Picture Card Communication – Lets You Record Your Own Voice


picture AAC Apps


6.  Picture AAC

The Picture AAC application is geared more towards children and, like Picture Card Communication, is great in its simplicity.  I’m not saying that the program is not thorough, since customization and pre-loaded content is extensive, but that this app is just easy to use and a pleasure to play with!

Picture AAC – Competitively Priced AAC App


iAssist-Communicator AAC Apps


7.  iAssist Communicator

iAssist Communicator is yet another awesome, customizable, extensive AAC app that can help build communication skills in children with ASD.  Read our review on the app, and note that it’s one of the cheapest on the list – $30!

iAssist Communicator – Photo-Based AAC App


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3 Responses to 7 AAC Apps for iPad That Get Results

  1. irene on October 31, 2012 at 1:57 am

    Such a shame not to see Grace App here!

    • Jack Kieffer on October 31, 2012 at 9:12 am

      Thanks for the suggestion! We will try to contact the Grace developer and do a review of the app soon! Thanks again!

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Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Click Below to Watch!

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Watch It Now!

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