Track Your Child’s Progress With My Autism Day

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Track Your Child’s Progress And Keep Him Safe

I frequently hear from readers looking for daily planner and progress tracker programs.  Parents and caregivers need a place to easily keep and record important information.  If you’re one of the many who have been searching for an app like this, keep reading!

Did we mention that this developer has only recently made this awesome app available for FREE?!


Using My Autism Day

When you first launch My Autism Day, set up a user by simply typing in a name.  Multiple users (your children) can be created within the application.

From here, you’ll have several choices on the Home Page:

  • Daily Log
  • Activities
  • Goals
  • Caregivers
  • Charts
  • Analysis
  • All About Me


behavior charts


Replace Your Bulky Daily Planner

The Daily Log is the part of My Autism Day that is most effective in terms of recording daily occurrences.  Think of it as a activity planner.

In this area, you or your child’s daytime caregiver can record behavior, activities, caregivers involved, health information, vision info, and school correspondence.

These are usually things that instructors or supervisors need to write down by hand, and it can be difficult to track this kind of information.

But, with My Autism Day, the information is in a relatively quantified format on your iPad.  Therefore, you can easily see trends in what’s happening by using the other functions of the app.  This is the beauty of My Autism Day!



Activities Behavior Charts


The Activities portion of this autism app lets caregivers tell you all about what your child did that day.  It is also useful for parents who like to keep track of activities at home!

Record the activity name, rating for the activity, purpose and focus area of the activity, time engaged in the activity (which can be a revealing metric), and the task that the activity entailed.



Goals Behavior Charts


The goals section of My Autism Day lets you create goals and fill them in once they’ve been mastered – you just need a goal name, a start date, and a mastered date!  Also, a whole lot of work between those two dates :)



Health is a very important tab in My Autism Day, and it’s really a great part of the application.  Instead of writing notes and hoping that caregivers remember specifics about your child, why not just leave  details on the iPad where you’re sure they’ll see them!

You can add prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, frequency, dosage, pharmacy phone numbers, and more!



Caregivers is a section where you can input important contacts for your child – a great resource for the times you have to be away from your child.


Charts and Analysis

Behavior Charts iPad App


Both the Charts and Analysis tabs serve as ways to see trends in data and to analyze how your child has been doing over a period of time.  The Charts option lets you view data on goals, health, behavior, and eye contact – the Analysis section takes this a step further, offering statistics.


behavior charts progress autism app


All About Me

In case your child gets lost or a caregiver just needs some extra information about a student’s diagnosis and needs, the All About Me section lets you add this information and anything else that you may think necessary!

This app is great for anyone looking to replace their paper daily planner and sticky note reminders stuck to the refrigerator.  My Autism Day automates the daily planning and tracking of your child’s busy life!


My Autism Day is FREE and available at iTunes: My Autism Day – Little App Helpers


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