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Easily Create Flashcard Stacks

Customization is almost always analogous with “work” in terms of autism apps.  Whenever I say, “this app requires a lot of customization,” people usually stop listening.

Kids Flashcard Maker makes customization fun and easy!

When I opened the app and was greeted with a blank slate – no preloaded flashcards – I wasn’t happy about making my own stacks.  But, once I started putting some together, I actually got some cool results and enjoyed the process!


flashcards maker hippo


Interesting note: while doing a stack of animal flash cards, I discovered a video of hippos licking vicious crocodiles.  Apparently, crocodiles are afraid of hippos.  Who knew?


Making Flashcards

When you first open Kids Flashcard Maker, you are brought to the “Create Flashcards” page.  This is where you can manage and create flashcard stacks, and is the place where parents and teachers will be spending the most their time.

Press the “New Deck” button, which appears as a stack of flash cards, and you’ll be able to start creating your own flashcards!

You’ll be asked to name your flashcard set.  I just decided to make a stack of animals, so I typed in “Animals.”  You know what your child needs to get from autism apps and will name their flashcard stacks accordingly.

Now that you’ve created a blank stack of flashcards, you can start adding individual items to that stack.  Do so by tapping on your flashcard set, which now shows up in the creation menu.  From here, you will be able to tap the plus sign button in the top right of the screen in order to add items to your flashcard stack!


flashcards maker


I’ll walk you through an example – I made a hippo card first, since hippos are pretty awesome.

There are four things that you can and should do when making a flashcard.  Type in the name of the card, record audio for the card, add an image for the card, and insert a video for the card.

What’s great about Kids Flashcard Maker is that it lays out these four steps in a clear and easy to understand way that allows you to quickly put together flashcards.


Choosing a Name

This is pretty self-explanatory.  I was creating a card about hippos, so I typed in the word “Hippo.”  This name shows up under the image that you select for the card.


Record Audio

Simply press the red record button and say whatever you’d like!  This sound will play when the card comes on screen.

So, for my hippo example, I said “Hippo” and then made a hippo sound.  Since I wasn’t sure what a hippo sound was, I just gurgled in the back of my throat and called it a day.


flashcards audio


Add Image

This app gives several options when it comes to adding an image to your flashcards.

  • You can use the camera
  • Go to your camera roll
  • Pull from a dropbox
  • Search Google Images from within the application

The Google Images feature is actually extremely helpful, since you never have to leave the app to find images of things that aren’t already saved on your iPad!

The app even automatically searches whatever you have typed as the name for the card, and all that you have to do to pick an image is double tap it!  Awesome!


Insert Video

This was a blast, as I said earlier (the hippo licking a crocodile video) – the app will automatically search YouTube for relevant videos that you can attach to the flashcard!

Just make sure that you put together the flashcards, since you can get some sketchy results if you type in certain search terms, if you catch my drift.

Overall, an awesome autism app and one of the best in terms of easily creating flashcard stacks!


flashcards categories



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