Advent Calendar App for iPad: Holiday Stories, Crafts, Songs

advent calendar app for ipad

App: Advent Calendar

Developer: JustKidsApps

Platform: iPad

Price: $3.99 **2013 is available NOW at iTunes!

Download Nostalgic Advent Calendar 2013 – JustKidsApps

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Advent Calendar App for iPad is Interactive

Nothing says Christmas like stories of old, grandma’s homemade cookies, and the sound of “Deck the Halls.” Christmas and the holidays are definitely times to cherish with family.

This interactive Advent Calendar App app makes you feel right at home with recipes, traditional Christmas stories, songs, and crafts for your family to share during this special season. It uses beautiful illustrations and soft music that children who are visual learners will really appreciate.


advent calendar ipad app


Home Page

Counting days down to Christmas is one of the most exciting ways to start the holidays! You can select each day until Christmas from the home page.

Each date is tappable and zooms in once selected.  There are 24 activities to share with  family and friends. I’d suggest reading through the “Features/Introduction” link for a nice overview of the app.

There is no narration to encourage families to read together. The navigation is easy enough for kids to use on their own.


christmas advent calendar app

Settings and Navigating

A couple of things that can be turned off in iPad settings is the date feature, which allows all future dates to be opened at any time, and the sound. But, to make sure your kids don’t sneak a peek at future date activities, it’s best to leave this feature on.

A home icon appears at the bottom, right of each page to navigate back home. Each page can be swiped to turn to the next page.



The art in this app is rich and festive. It truly captures the classic, warm feeling of Christmas.



Content and Activities

The Table of Contents link from the home page lists the month’s activities.

The advent calendar app includes stories, games, recipes, poetry, and crafts all about Christmas.

After you tap an activity, an interactive picture displays with tappable areas to uncover. Kids will love this! When you select the Grittibanz recipe, there’s a drawing of a kitchen with busy chefs bustling around and children waiting to lick the bowls.

The last page of the recipe includes a picture of the finished product! You can almost smell it!



Interactive Reading

I especially love the iPad being used to read through classical tales of Christmas. “The Gift of the Magi” and “The Elves and the Shoemaker” are unforgettable stories from my childhood I’d love to pass on to my children.

Having these cherished stories here in one app makes it easy to share a classic story and is sure to keep wiggly kids’ attention. Families can use these stories to teach their children to read, making it an educational app, as well!



The app also includes unique ideas for crafts and gifts. It gives instructions and a picture to follow.



Merry Christmas!

Making memories with your family at Christmas is what this time of year is all about. Use the Advent Calendar app to pass on traditions and make new ones. It will certainly keep everyone on the “nice” list as they have fun learning something new every day until Santa makes his debut!


Want to Get This App?

BUY 2013 Advent Calendar at iTunes: Nostalgic Advent Calendar 2013 – JustKidsApps – Katrin Draemann Barothy


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