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Developer: Wasabi Productions

Platform: iPad (English)

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Beautifully Illustrated Storybook

The Lost Larry Interactive book app had me hooked at “hello.”  And by hello, I mean that adorable picture of Larry the Lizard sported on its app icon!


interactive book app ost larry ipad


This is the third book in the Larry the Lizard Series, which include: Look Out Larry! and Lazy Larry – written by Graham Nunn, Founder of Wasabi Productions.

Fun Sounds Everywhere!

In addition to the novelty of the character, which kids will absolutely fall in love with, the sounds and reader voice are great!  (Larry makes some pretty cute giggly noises.)

Another fun aspect of the Lost Larry Interactive Storybook is the name of the developers – Wasabi.  As the app first launches, it says “I saw a b” with the b pronounced “bee.”  You might not think this is as great as I do, but I loved this cute detail!

lost larry book app


Larry’s Reading Options

When this interactive book app is first launched, users are given a couple of options.

Choose from four tappable Leaves:

  1. ? leaf
  2. Read To Me leaf
  3. Read Myself leaf
  4. For Parents leaf

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Tips, Hints, and Credits

The ? leaf will bring you to a helpful list of tips and hints that can help you if you get stuck while traversing the app.  I don’t think that this will be an issue, however, as the interactivity is very easy to understand.  I found that all of the instructions were explained quite clearly in the story!

This is one aspect of Lost Larry that I think really shows an astute attention to how parents will realistically receive the app.  All of the instructions related to interactivity, which I will discuss later, are not only intuitive, they are integrated within the story!

“Read To Me” and “Read To Myself” Leaves

These two leaves are probably the most important, as they decide how the program will perform for the duration of the story.

  • If you tap the Read To Me leaf and then hit the Green Arrow in the bottom right of the screen, you will be read to throughout the heartwarming tale.  In this mode, the words are spoken and are highlighted in red to make it easier for autistic children to follow along and learn!


  • In the Read To Myself mode (just tap the leaf and then hit the green arrow at the bottom right), you will be given no instruction from the app and will not be read the words.  This is great for high functioning individuals or for parents who enjoy reading to their children!


wasabi productions apps


For Parents

The For Parents leaf gives you the ability to subscribe to Wasabi Production’s email list as well as share the app on various social media services, if you so please.


Interactive Book App Has Lots of Fun Activities

This reading app really has some of the most beautiful artwork I’ve seen since I reviewed The Tree I See.  It’s a cool art style and, like I said, Larry is one funny dude!


interactive storybook app


You can help him find his way through ant hills, use an echidna to swallow up insects, push Larry across a river on a log, help him jump over a canyon, and much more!  It’s really a great time!

One Important Setting: Delay Interactions

In the top right of the screen, you will see a Yellow Arrow.  This will open an options tab, and one of these is actually very important!

The following are included: Read Again, Turn Read To Me Off, Turn Delay Interactions On, and Turn Hints Off.

The “Turn Delay Interactions On” is the important setting, as it will determine whether or not your child will be able to help Larry out before listening to the story being read to him.  I would recommend that you turn this setting on, as it allows kids to enjoy the story at a reasonable pace!

Watch Our Lost Larry Video Review:



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