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Visual Learning Targeted in Reading Rocks iBook

If you are looking for a reading program for visual learners, Reading Rocks is a sure hit!

Reading Rocks is an interactive iBook developed for children who are beginning readers and who have strong visual learning skills. Based on a successfully implemented reading curriculum, Reading Rocks is an iBook that runs on the Apple iBook app. So, if you do not have the iBook app, go to the App Store to download it first!


visual learning reading series


Most autistic children, and children with various special needs, learn best through visual cues, pictures, and prompts. The iBook does not include sound in order not to distract the reader and encourage them to read on their own. Each chapter includes sight words for the reader to learn.

Reading Rocks also includes a great set of instructions that provide parents and teachers tips to use with each chapter and page.


Reading Rocks Instructions for Visual Learning

Reading Rocks Instructions


The brightly colored pages are sure to keep readers’ attention and give them the desire to want to read more!


visual learning reading rocks

Brightly Colored Pages

Over 300 Pages of Lessons, Activities & Videos

Each chapter starts with flashcards of sight words. These are the sight words that will be covered throughout the particular chapter. Each chapter’s sight words build upon the previous chapter’s words, which helps readers relate words and begin constructing sentences on their own.


Visual Learning Flashcards



Pages highlight images related to a specific word so the reader can visualize what the word means.

For example, the word “red” is surrounded by red images, such as, ladybugs, wagons, hearts, and apples. This helps the reader associate the word to the image, thus, helping them recognize the word and read it on their own.

What’s great is, if the reader needs extra review on a particular sight word, they can easily navigate back as many pages as needed to review the words!


Reading Rocks Images

Word with Associated Images


Guided Reading Gallery – Sentences + Images

The Guided Reading Gallery includes sentences with an image. Readers can scroll through the gallery and read the sentences to practice new and previous words they learned.


reading rocks gallery

Guided Reading Gallery

Interactive Quizzes

Tap and drag interactive quizzes are found throughout the book to test what the reader can read independently. These quizzes allow the reader to choose a picture that associates with the word at the top of the page. Readers can take them as many times as needed for extra review and are sure to master them in no time!


Visual Learning Reading Quizzes

Interactive Quizzes


You can instantly check the reader’s answers to see how many they got correct.


Check Visual Learning Quizzes

Check Your Answers


It’s easy to review incorrect answers – just use the table of contents to navigate back to the chapter you need and start your review.


Table of Contents Link

Interactive Read-Alongs

Interactive read-alongs are included where the reader watches a video of the word they are learning. Each read-along builds on previous words and allows the reader to practice words they are learning by reading along on their own.

Each read-along engages the reader with bright pictures, action, and reading.


Interactive Read-Alongs


Worksheets Available on Reading Rocks’ Website

Throughout the iBook, there are links to worksheets on Reading Rocks’ web site to print and use for additional review.


Additional Worksheets


Reading Rocks is right on track to help visual learners gain the confidence and desire to read. It is an interactive, well-organized, and visually attractive app that is sure to keep readers’ attention and encourage them to read more and more!

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3 Responses to Visual Learning: Reading Rocks Interactive iBook Review

  1. Sharon Crosby on November 15, 2012 at 9:34 am

    I have been using the Reading Rocks program for years and love the results! The students love the bright colors and learn to read while having fun!

    • Jack Kieffer on November 15, 2012 at 9:42 am

      That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

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