Alphabet Jumbled App – Makes Learning ABC’s Fun!

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Un-Jumbling the Alphabet

ABCs are easy to un-jumble with the Alphabet Jumbled app from Little Learning Tots.

Colorful letters and interactive play encourage preschoolers to have fun learning the alphabet with the Alphabet Jumbled app. This app is sure to keep their attention with the bright home page and interactive activities.

Since autistic children are such visual learners, this app is perfect to introduce them to ABCs, phonics, and placing letters in alphabetical order.

From the home page, they can choose how they want to learn their ABC’s by using flash cards, reading through the ABCs, easy and more difficult letter jumble, and then testing them with the jumble challenge.



Learning ABC’s

Little ones can have their ABCs read to them or they can tap through the letters at their own speed. I love that you can change the graphic look of letters from a pattern to a solid color and from ALLCAPS to lower case. This can help kiddoes with visual challenges.

Another great feature is the phonic icon where kids can tap and hear the phonic sound of each letter. Learning phonics helps when they start reading on their own.



Alphabet Flash Cards

After reviewing their alphabets, kids can use the flash cards to place a picture with the letter. This helps them relate the sound to a picture and keep their attention. They can tap through each letter and review, as needed.



Jumbled Fun

On the Easy Jumble page, kids can drag and drop letters to match the letter outlines. The Aa icon at the top, left lets kids choose either patterned or solid, capital or lower cased letters. Tappable areas on most pages are:

  1. The home icon navigates you back to the home page.
  2. The Aa icon lets users choose the look-and-feel of the letters.
  3. The arrow at the bottom, right lets you review the last action.



In the Jumble A-Z, kids can unjumble the entire alphabet.



The Challenge

After mastering the easy and more difficult jumbles, little ones can test what they learned in the Jumble Challenge. Kids must put letters in order in under a minute. If they need help, they can press the Help icon at the top, left.



Get Jumbling

Kids are sure to enjoy learning their ABCs with this interactive app. They have many opportunities to practice, review, and learn their alphabet and will have them unjumbled in no time!


Get Alphabet Jumbled at iTunes: Download Alphabet Jumbled


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