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phonics app for iPad Simplex Spelling


App: Simplex Spelling Advanced

Developer: Pyxwise Software, Inc.

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (U.S., U.K., & Canadian English)

Price: $4.99 Download Simplex Spelling Phonics

Category: Reading and Writing Apps


Sounding it Out

Spelling and phonics go hand-in-hand with the wonderfully designed Simplex Spelling Advanced Phonics app.  This app is the next in line in the Pyxwise series of spelling apps.



As we know, most autistic children learn visually. Because Simplex Spelling provides both visuals and audio, this phonics app for iPad is perfect for upper elementary-aged children who are learning to spell.

With 750 spelling words to learn, a multitude of variations, and interactive ways to spell using phonics, kids are sure to enjoy spelling and will build their vocabulary in no time!



The home page includes a nice overview of the entire app. I highly recommend going through it to understand how the app works.





If you select Welcome then the top arrow button from Introduction, you will be taken to an overview of the app. The overview explains how to create users, how to change settings, and how to use the app’s features.



This educational app is customizable; users can choose between US and UK English spelling of words, upper or lower cased letters, or an alphabetic versus a Qwerty keyboard.

From the home page, you can choose the phonic sound you want to learn about.

This option gives a nice overview of the sound then follow with an exercise where the child can spell a word using that specific sound.

For example, an overview of the long o (oe) sound is covered.  After pressing the arrow key, a keyboard with a spelling example appears. The child must use the keyboard to spell the word, “foe.”



Positive Reinforcement

I loved seeing positive reinforcement like “perfect” and “incredible” after the word was spelled correctly to encourage children. Kids can tap on the word to hear what it says.


Hint, Hint . . .

There are also hints given like a letter being highlighted or an actual hint button they can press to hear the word’s phonics. I love the audio that comes with this app because it can help autistic children who learn visually connect the words with the sound.

Even my own son loved using this app and building up his phonic sounds!

If a word is spelled incorrectly, the letter cubes turn red and if a letter is in the wrong position, the cube turns blue with “<” and “>” arrows indicating you can drag-and-drop it to the correct location. This gives the child visual cues so they know they can try again. Once letter cubes turn green, they’ve got it right!

The buttons below the letters are the phonics, which are read to the child before they attempt spelling the word.



Various Ways to Spell

Click to Hear:  Children can click the buttons to hear the phonics and then choose from different spelling options to spell the word. The various options display below the phonic buttons.



Drag and Drop:  The keyboard allows children to drag-and-drop letters from the keyboard to the squares to spell. This provides even more visual reinforcement so children can see the letters they are using to spell words.

Once children complete the exercise, the app saves their work and tells them how many they got correct.



Top Notch Phonics App for iPad

This app is packed full with variety, customization, and excellent interaction opportunities.  Students will truly enjoy learning how to spell and how to sound out phonics. It is visually organized and the phonics are great.

This phonics app for iPad is certain to encourage them to become spelling pros in no time!

If you’re interested in an app that teaches sight words, read our review of Simplex Spelling Sight Words, too!


BUY Simplex Spelling Advanced at iTunes: Download Simplex Spelling Phonics


Watch Jack’s Video Review of Simplex Spelling Advanced:


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