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picture learning cards app

App: See.Touch.Learn. Pro

Developer: Brain Parade

Platform: iPad

Price: $39.99 See.Touch.Learn Pro - Brain Parade

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Create Your Own Learning Experiences With See.Touch.Learn. Pro

See.Touch.Learn. Pro is a picture learning card iPad application that has a ton of power in terms of helping your child master key concepts, and I’m going to make sure that you know how to use the application to its full potential.

And, let me say it again – this app has loads of potential.  There are endless ways in which this program could be used by therapists, parents, or educators.

I don’t want to spend time convincing you that See.Touch.Learn Pro is great (you’ll soon see that for yourself!) . . . I want to spend time walking you through its features so that you can learn how the app works and how it can benefit you and your child.  For this reason, I have created a sort of step-by-step tutorial for using See.Touch.Learn Pro that will also serve as a review.

Because this program has a huge collection of awesome features, I strongly encourage you to watch Autism Plugged In’s video review in order to get a better sense of the app’s flow.

I really love Brain Parade’s creation, and I think that you will too.  Let’s dive in!


Want to Watch See.Touch.Learn Pro in Action?

Watch Autism Plugged In’s Video:




The Food Chain of See.Touch.Learn Pro

To understand how this autism app works, I think that you should have a solid grasp of the program’s information flow.  Let’s break it down!

The categories go in order of biggest to smallest:

Folders > Lessons > Exercises > Libraries > Cards


Here’s a little bit about each one:



folders see.touch.learn pro

Folders hold all of your created Lessons in an organized manner.  Let’s say, for example, you have created several math-based Lessons and several animal-based Lessons.  You could then create a Folder entitled “Math,” add all of the math Lessons to that Folder.  Then, you could choose to create a Folder entitled “Animals,” and add all of the animal Lessons to that Folder.

Folders are basically a way to organize your Lessons for easy access.


Lessons, Exercises, and Picture Learning Cards

Lessons go inside of Folders, and they consist of several Exercises.  These Exercises each consist of several Cards, and the picture learning Cards can be found and created within the Libraries page.

You can get a very good idea of the different possibilities you have when creating Lessons by looking at the pre-loaded examples, which are very well-made.  Lessons will come up with a few different pictures or text boxes, known as Cards.  Either your pre-recorded message or a synthesized voice will say something along the lines of “Touch the (insert object here.)”  The child will then need to tap the Card that corresponds to the prompting.  Each time a child does this, they complete an Exercise.  Several Exercises make up a Lesson.



On the Home Page of See.Touch.Learn Pro, there is a tab that says “Libraries.”  This is where you can create your own Cards and/or download awesome pre-created sets of cards that have been put together by the Brain Parade team.


Community Lets You Download Lessons Made By Others



There is a “Community” tab, also on the Home Page of See.Touch.Learn Pro, where you can create a free account and gain access to lots of Lessons created by Brain Parade and others!  When you download the program, I would definitely recommend going into the Community tab and creating an account.


Step By Step: How To Create Lessons In See.Touch.Learn Pro

I have gathered a selection of screenshots which should give you a solid idea of how wonderful this app can be, and hopefully you’ll gain an understanding of how to use the app and create great Lessons!


Step One: The  Home Page


see.touch.learn. pro autism app


From here, you will want to tap the “Libraries” button, and then proceed to step two of creating Lessons.


Step Two: Creating a New Library


picture learning cards autism app


Once you are on the Libraries page, you will want to tap the “New Library” button at the top right of the screen.  You can name this whatever you would like, but I would recommend leaving it as “My Cards” and then pressing “Done” on the top left before adding any Cards to your Library.

The primary reason I had you create this blank Library was so that, once we get into creating Cards, you will be able to easily add and save your own!


Step Three: Creating a New Lesson


see.touch.learn. pro autism app


Now, go back to the Home Page of the app, and tap on the Lessons button.  From the main Lessons page, hit the “New Lesson” button on the top right of the screen in order to bring up this window.  Once you have it up, type in the necessary information!


Step Four: Adding Cards To Your Lesson


see.touch.learn. pro autism app


You should now be at this screen.  Tap the top right “Add Cards” button in order to start building your first Exercise which, as you can see, has already been created for you.


Step Five: Adding Cards To Your Exercise


see.touch.learn. pro autism app


You should now see, on the left side of the screen, under the “On this iPad” section, the Library that I had you create earlier.

From here, you will have two options: “Create Photo Card” and “Create Text Card.”  Use these as you will to create Cards – the first will allow you to take a photo or choose from your library, while the second will create a text-only Card.  Once you have your Cards ready, move on to the next step.


Step Six: Adding Cards To The Exercise And Creating The Prompt


see.touch.learn. pro autism app


Tap and hold Cards until you can drag and drop them to the white Exercise box.  Once you’ve done that, you will need to create your prompt by either picking a “Touch the” option and typing in the object or by recording yourself saying “Touch the (insert object here).”

Keep in mind that you can have kids touch more than one object to move on – for example, you could say “touch everything that is red” and then pick two of the three pictures that are red.  (This is in the next step.)


Step Seven: Select Correct Choices


see.touch.learn. pro autism app


When you go back to your Lesson screen, the same one you were on before, these three Cards will show up under Exercise one.  Tap the correct answer so that the green check mark is highlighted, and voila!

You’ve created your first lesson!  Awesome job!


You can show Brain Parade some love for creating this awesome app by tweeting this:


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It’s Your Turn

If you’ve used See.Touch.Learn, I’d love to know how you use it with your children or students.  What customized lessons have you created?  Share in the comments.


BUY See.Touch.Learn Pro:  See.Touch.Learn Pro - Brain Parade


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