Relax Melodies Premium HD Autism App Helps Kids Calm Down

App: Relax Melodies Premium HDrelax melodies keep calm app

Developer: Ipnos Soft

Platform: iPad, Android

Price:  $2.99  Download Relax Melodies Premium HD  or  Download Android App

Category: Behavioral Apps


Keep Calm and Relax!

If you need some relaxing sounds to drift off to sleep to or to calm a little one down, Ipnos Soft has created Relax Melodies Premium HD to help. Some children on the autism spectrum need help with both falling to sleep and calming down after over stimulation.

Relax Melodies provides 94 different sounds you can customize that provide soothing sounds you can take anywhere.


keep calm app

Choose from 94 Sounds

The 94 sounds include everything from Pachelbel’s Canon in D to an oscillating fan to soothing wind and rain sounds. The sound quality is beautiful and very clear.

My son listened to the entire Pachelbel piece, very quietly and intently. You can even mix sounds such as a flute and rain on a roof or sailing and the seaside to create your favorites. You can then set a time for them to play.


iPad App Calms Kids With Autism


Some children have problems falling to sleep for various reasons. These sounds are sure to help sooth them and calm them as they drift off. There is so many choices and you can even customize a few different sounds your child might prefer.

Some ASD children are sensitive to sound, so this app allows you to customize the volume level so the volume cannot be re-adjusted by little fingers.


Autism Sensory Processing App


You can use other apps while listening to this one at the same time. It is a perfect way to keep kids calm after being upset, during therapies, class time, playtime, or when traveling.

Binaural Beats

It also includes 6 binaural beat frequencies for brainwave entrainment. These beats are produced using a beating tone between the ears and requires headphones to hear them correctly. The app provides a great overview of each binaural beat, so I suggest reviewing them beforehand.


Sensory App Calms Special Needs Kids

Clock Alarm and Timer

This app includes a clock alarm and timer you can use to set the time for each customized sound mix to play. For example, if you want a specific sound to wake you in the morning, you’d set the alarm for 7AM.

You can also customize the clock’s brightness and choose from three different themes. This would be great for a spectrum child because you can set the volume to increase as the alarm sound plays so they can slowly wake up.



This app is sure to please with all the custom features. If you need help snoozing, stop counting sheep and start mixing your own calming sounds with Relax Melodies Premium HD!


Want to Get This App?

Download Relax Melodies Premium HD  or  Download Android App


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