Education App: Learn With WordFriends

Education App learn with wordFriends App

App: Learn With WordFriends

Developer: WordWorld, LLC

Platform: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: FREE   Download Learn With WordFriends App                  (additional characters available as in-app purchases)

Category: Education App

Word on the Street is…

WordWorld has done it again with their new education app Learn With WordFriends!

WordWorld is an award-winning show on PBS, and my children have grown up with it. We even own the spelling barn toy complete with animals, we love it so much. Both of my sons have been vying over who gets the app first!

Education App is Great For Autistic Learners

WordFriends is wonderful for our visual autistic learners because it’s packed full of our WordWorld friends – Bear, Ant, Sheep, Pig, Frog, Dog, and Duck! The animation and graphics are bright and active. If you aren’t familiar with WordWorld, each character’s body is created with letters that spell their names. Words in both the show and the app are also spelled into their form, for example, “mud” is spelled and in the form of a brown mud puddle.



Children can practice spelling and reading with the WordRain, WordScramble, and WordMatch games and the other activities! Children can tap each animal for different levels of words. Each additional WordFriend is available for purchase within the game.


WordRain is a game where children grab the letters as they “rain” or fall down.  Then, they can drag and drop them to the appropriate place to spell a word. Children can refer to the shaded-out hint in the middle of the page. They also get to practice fine motor skills while watching the letters fall by grabbing and placing them in the correct position.

On the top of the page, a timer and the number correct are displayed so parents can see progress and determine where review might be needed.



Kids can rearrange scrambled letters to put them in the correct order in WordScramble. They can also get a hint from the shaded-out word.

I enjoyed the stars that display when you get one correct. This provides positive reinforcement and encourages them to do more.



Everyone loves a word match! Kids have to match pictures to win this game and beat the timer. The words are spelled in the shape of their object.


WordFriends Farm

Kids can tickle and poke their WordFriends to see what they’ll do in WordFriends Farm. My son had a blast with this! Each animal is tappable.

When tapped, the character does a dance, an action, or a different pose. For example, if you tap the cake, Ant will eat some cake. Frog does handstands, Duck eats fish, and Pig break dances!

Kids will love this app and its interactive games. WordFriends is sure to keep a little ones’ attention.  It encourages them to use what they learn in order to read, spell, and more!

Want to Get This App?

Download Learn With WordFriends App


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