Facial Expressions Made Easy: Expressions App for iPad

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App: Expressions

Developer: EdNinja

Price:  $3.99  Download Expressions from the App Store

Platform:   iPad   (English or Spanish)

Category: Behavior Apps & Social Skills Apps



Children on the autism spectrum who are learning about facial expressions will love EdNinja’s Expressions iPad app!

Most autistic children find it challenging to determine whether or not their friends or family members might be sad or angry and why.


edninja facial expressions app


Animated Facial Expressions Make Learning Fun

With animation, detailed graphics, and audio, children can build happy, sad, angry, or scared faces to become more familiar with facial expressions.

Expressions was created by special needs teachers specifically to help autistic and special needs kids improve their social skills, communication with classmates, and ability to identify facial emotions.


facial expressions app for ipad

Getting Started With A Story

Before starting, children are given a story about a character and what emotion they are feeling. It shows them in the appropriate environment and then gives audio instructions to prompt children to pick a face that matches the story.


About Face: Choose Facial Features

After the introductory story, the child is prompted to build a facial expression that matches the story.

Children pick a face outline, then eyebrows, eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Kids love reinforcement! When a correct item is chosen, a star appears indicating they chose the right item. Once the correct facial expression is complete, they get five stars!

This app is great to use in therapy and class. The next time a classmate might be sad, they will understand why the sad face and tears.


Kids Can Create Their Own Players

Children can create personalized players using their own name. Kids love to see their names online!

When a child clicks the i to the right of a player’s face, the Profile information displays. This is where you can change the player’s picture, see available emotions, see the game options, and play history. You can also delete a player from this box.

The app provides excellent visual instructions for children, is available in either English or Spanish.



Track Your Child’s Progress

Parents and Teachers can track a child’s progress and can also time the child’s progression.

When you tap Play History, the history of the player displays. It shows the dates of games played, and a summary of the players games so you can track your child’s progress.


Face It

Let’s face it – Expressions is an excellent resource for teaching children about facial expressions. Kids will love creating faces and learning more about why someone is sad or happy.

They can use their new Expressions skills in every day activities and also build up their social communication skills at the same time!


Want to Get This App?

Download Expressions iPad App from the App Store


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