My Life Skills Box App for Special Needs Children

App: My Life Skills Boxautism apps

Developer: Amira Ohana

Platform: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Price: FREE  Download MyLifeSkillsBox *add’l in-app purchases available

Category: Behavioral and Social Story Apps


Pre-Created Sequences and Stories at Your Fingertips

My Life Skills Box is really a great resource for pre-created social stories, functional stories, and sequence cards.  If your child has a hard time learning social skills in a natural setting, this iPad app can help.

While the app does not allow you to create your own content, it provides you with a few pre-loaded stories and, since the app is free, gives you the option to purchase other stories and sequences.  Included are some very common situations, such as brushing teeth or getting dressed.

There are, essentially, two different areas in My Life Skills Box, but there are three different types of sequences.  This app has Sequences of Everyday Life Skills, Social Stories, and Functional Stories.  The last of these (Functional Stories) is a term that is new to me – these stories focus on helping children “play” with toys – it basically provides ideas for them.

Sequences In My Life Skills Box

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In my opinion, this is the most helpful area in this autism app, because it isn’t “generic.”  A lot of times, apps will focus on solving the same problems, but we haven’t reviewed very many here at Autism Plugged In that provide simple sequencing like My Life Skills Box does.

There are a few steps in a task, such as brushing your teeth.  Each one has both a picture and a description.  Tapping on these will produce sound.

It is recommended that parents use the app with their children, since you want to make sure that they are doing the steps and not just tapping the check mark boxes in order to hear the reinforcement / “success” sequence.

The provided Sequences are a male and female teeth brushing scenario, and among some of the sequences that can be purchased for $.99 are getting dressed level one, getting dressed level two, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, washing my hair, blowing my nose, eating a meal, going to school, and more!

Social Stories and Functional Stories

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Social Stories in MyLifeSkillsBox are a little bit different than they are elsewhere.  Here, there are several things that kids can tap in order to hear pre-recorded messages within a social story.

For example, at the top of the social story, there is a descriptor that talks about the situation from the child’s point of view.  Then, in the picture, there are message boxes (thought and speech bubbles) above the character’s head that can be tapped.

The app will then go through some example solutions and their outcomes, and the child will learn how different actions can remedy a certain situation.  Again, there are a couple of additional social stories sold as in-purchase apps.  One about making friends and getting other kids to play with you is included for free.


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Functional Stories shows how a toy can be used for fun.  It also gives kids ideas about how to entertain themselves.  For example, the included Functional Story is about things that a child can do with a doll – put it to sleep, dress it up, etc.  There are a couple more that you can buy – animal farm stories and more doll situations.


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One Response to My Life Skills Box App for Special Needs Children

  1. Phred on March 12, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    re: My Life Skills Review
    You note that one of the positives of this app is that the app developer provides some pre-packaged skills and functional scripts (@99 cents each). Unlike other apps which make the user build their own scripts. All well and good, but does My Life Skills provide a user created script option? And/Or what other apps can you reference specifically that do provide for customized script development?

    Access to pre-developed scripts is a positive. But being limited to only a few scripts is a negative. How can I get both? TIA.

    Great reviews! Thank you!

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