4 FREE Social Stories and Life Skills iPad Apps


This week’s Free Apps List features some great programs that you can download at no charge!  These 4 social stories and life skills apps for children with special needs are an inexpensive way to introduce your children to this type of app.

Interactive Social Stories and Life Skills Apps

The iPad is great for children who are having difficulty with social situations in natural settings, as it can teach kids on the spectrum which response are appropriate and which are not.  The interactive nature of these apps works wonders with these kids, and it really encourages them to learn and to use their social skills.

Some of these apps offer expanded features via in-app purchases.  But, if you’re looking to stay on a budget …. just enjoy the FREE portion of each app.  Happy app hunting!


4 free social stories apps

Puppet Pals HD for iPad

social stories app uses puppets


Puppet Pals lets your child insert themselves into their very own puppet show, complete with audio and animation.  Once your child “cuts out” their photo, they can choose backgrounds and characters to create their very own customized puppet productions!

Please note that the free version of this app contains limited features and works only on iPad – additional in-app purchases are available if you choose to expand your options.


Download Puppet Pals HD for FREE


Toca Doctor Lite

free social stories app


Toca Doctor Lite is a fun app filled with fun puzzles and mini games – play doctor, drag cells around to improve your motor skills, and meet some wild and crazy characters!

We know that this isn’t really a “social stories” app, but it’s a lot of fun and it introduces the idea of a doctor to your children …  so, we thought we would slide it into the post :)

Buying the full version will give you access to a ton of fun that doesn’t come with the lite version, but the free download is worth a share!


Toca Doctor HD Lite – Toca Boca AB

Book of Me

social stories app book of me


The Book of Me app allows kids to create their own characters and put themselves in the middle of three awesome stories, which offer you over sixty pages in total!  In addition to being a bunch of fun and functioning as a storybook, The Book of Me lets kids respond to questions about themselves in order to establish their character’s appearance.  For example, they are asked about their favorite color, gender, hair color, and more.


Download Book of Me for FREE


Touch and Learn – Emotions

social stories emotions app


Touch and Learn – Emotions lets kids tap on pictures in order to identify different feelings.  For example, the app might ask them, “which person is happy?” or “which person is smiling?” and they would need to tap on the corresponding child in whatever set of four pictures shows up.  You can even record your own voice and use your own pictures!

Note that some people have complained about the emotions being too difficult to detect for younger children – the app is free, though, so just download it and try it out!  If it isn’t a good fit for you, you didn’t lose anything but a few minutes!


Download Touch and Learn – Emotions for FREE


*Please note that these apps were free at the time of this writing, but a developer can choose to start charging for the app at any time in the future.


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