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App: Word Wizard

Developer: L’Escapadou

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price: $2.99  Download Word Wizard

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Help Kids Learn To Spell With a Talking Alphabet

Learning the alphabet can be loads of fun with the new Word Wizard text-to-speech app!  L’Escapadou has created a spelling app that lets kids hear the alphabet while they move around letters and build words. It’s a colorful, customizable app that kids will love to use, and it includes spelling quizzes that users can practice with.


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Movable Alphabet

Visual learners will love the movable alphabet and the audio that goes along with it.  When playing, children are asked to spell words with the provided alphabet by dragging and dropping letters to build words and hear them sounded out. Hearing phonics helps children associate hearing the word to seeing the visual word, which builds connections in the brain and further reinforces the learning experience!


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Spelling App Includes Quizzes

There are 184 spelling words built-in to the app; kids can choose from Dolch Words, Numbers, Colors, and more. After the app reads the word aloud, kids are asked to drag-and-drop the provided letters in order to spell that word on the board. Parents can track kids’ progress with reports that are included in the app. Additionally, if a child needs help with a word, they can select the question mark “?” icon at the top right side of the page for a hint. As with many learning-based apps, positive animated reinforcement lets the child know they got the correct answer.


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Parents can also create their own lists for kids, which is great for teaching my son about categories. We can create a list for jungle animals so that he can then practice spelling those words and building his vocabulary which, in turn, helps him to build his language communication skills.


Customize It

Parents can customize Word Wizard to best suit their child. They can choose from the American, Australian, and English voices, and they can also decide whether they would prefer the Qwerty keyboard or the A through Z keyboard. The background of the app, the speed of the voice, and the tone of the voice can also be changed. One good setting to make note of is the Profanity Remover.  When turned to the “On” position, the app filters out all profanity, which is quite helpful when little ones might want to test out that new word they innocently heard!


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Watch Word Wizard in Action



Want to Get This App?


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