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App: Autism myVoice Communicatorautism myvoice communicator

Developer: AppHouse Software

Platform: Android Only

Price: $2.99

Category: AAC Applications


Awesome AAC App With Preloaded Items

Autism myVoice Communicator is an Android app that gives you a ton of AAC options at an extremely affordable price!

The sheer number of items already contained on the app is incredible!  The program gives you the ability to quickly and easily create your own items as well!


autism myvoice aac app


What’s more, you can even take self-created buttons and put them into the categories that have already been created on the app by the developers, Apphouse Software.


Autism myVoice Sentence Starters

There are three main phrases included in the myVoice Communicator app.  Kids will most likely use these sentence starters in most things that they say.  These phrases work well in a lot of different situations.  They are “I Am,” “I Am Going,” and “I Want.”


autism aac app


By tapping one of these three phrase buttons and then tapping one of the items that shows up on the myVoice screen, you can get the device to say, “I Want (the item you pressed)” or “I Am (the emotion you pressed).”   This format makes it very easy for kids to form sentences.

Oodles Of Pre-Loaded Content!

One of the reasons I love the Autism myVoice AAC app is its extensive library of pre-loaded content.


autism myvoice communicator android app


Here are some of the included general categories, which open into more specific items and categories when tapped:

  • Bathroom
  • Beverages
  • Clothes
  • Colors
  • Emotions
  • Food
  • Home
  • Human Body
  • Kitchen
  • Learning
  • Miscellaneous
  • Numbers
  • People
  • Places
  • Television
  • Toys
  • Verbs
  • Weather
  • Yes / No

These are the pre-loaded categories – anything else that you would like to create is limited only by your imagination!


affordable AAC app

Editing, Uploading, And Other Fun Stuff

Tapping the three dots in the top right hand corner of the screen will yield a list of several options: Main, Edit, Upload, and Manual.

By tapping Main, you can return to the home page of the app.  From there, kids can “start over,” picking different things to talk about and different items to look at!

They can also tap the back arrow that many Android devices have placed somewhere near the bottom of the screen.  (Keep in mind that your device may or may not look exactly the same as mine (Nexus 7).

Tapping Edit from this menu will allow you to change which of the categories are active or inactive.  This is great for if your child does not use a category very often or if you just want to trim down on the amount of options available in order to make it easier for kids to use.


aac app features


Upload is where you will be able to add and create your own buttons – just upload an image and type in the text for myVoice to speak!  Voila!  You have successfully added a new button.  Just go into your category and you’ll see it waiting for you!


autism myvoice communicator app


Text-to-Speech Feature

Manual, which I first thought was going to link to a guide of the app, actually gives you a nice text-to-speech feature!  Type in anything you want and the app will say it out loud for you.

Want to Get This App?

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4 Responses to Autism myVoice Communicator Android App

  1. Lisa L on April 4, 2013 at 11:53 am

    My son uses this app and i agree that its fantastic. His favorite part is the preloaded content which includes kids stuff like toys. Love it!

  2. Carolyn on April 4, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Thank you for posting this! I absolutely love this app for my son. It was ready to use immediately so he can tap on the pictures of things he wants. And we have already added pictures of family members for him. Great app.

  3. Nicolet on January 3, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Great article. AAC Autism myVoiceCommunicator helps my little bro talk to me

    • Jack Kieffer on January 8, 2014 at 5:24 pm

      Wow – glad to hear your success story! Thanks, Nicolet!

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