Communicate Easy: ASD, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD Communication App

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App: Communicate Easy

Developer: Pluja Apps Ltd.

Platform: iPad

Price: $2.99  Download Communicate Easy – Autism App for iPad

Category: AAC Apps


Children on the autism spectrum find it a challenge to communicate.  Communicate Easy has a goal to make communication easy and fun for kids.


Communicate Easy Uses Visual and  Audio

Pluja Apps Limited created this app specifically for children with ASD, Asperger’s, ADHD/ADD, and other learning challenges. Some autistic children are non-verbal and others have language delays.  This app includes visual prompts, photo cards, customizable schedules, audio, and video to make communicating fun.

The beautiful thing is that parents, like myself, will surely appreciate its $2.99 price and its many customizable options.


communication app

Using Libraries: Animals, People, Places

Communicate Easy comes with preset libraries for animals, learning, objects, people, places, and schedules.

Each category is tappable and includes a number of cards.

Audio tells what the card is and there are subcategories in learning for numbers, colors, and letters.

Users can add as many cards as they want, create new categories, and add video or audio!




Each card is tappable and once completed successfully, users tap a check mark to show success. A green check lets you know you’ve mastered that card, a question mark means you still need practice, and the red crossed out circle means it’s a do-over.

Kids, especially non-verbal friends, will love the brightly colored graphics and will appreciate the visual cues.



Customizing Cards

Parents can add pictures of their child’s family and friends, familiar places, and favorite objects. When a child can relate an object to something they know, it makes learning all the more fun.  This relationship also enables them to retain and relate the picture to an item.

Another plus is that parents can add sound and video to each card by tapping the name of the card to the left.


photo (2)


To add audio, tap the Vocal Message Add/Change button and to add a sound effect, tap the Sound Effect Add/Change button.




To add video, tap the Use Camera button to take a video from your device.



Visual Schedules

We live off of lists and schedules.  Autistic and other special needs kids are no different.  They thrive on visual schedules. They love preparing themselves for the next activity.

Communicate Easy users can create schedules for specific activities that their children or students are challenged with.




I personally love how customizable this app is. I already know exactly how I could customize it for my own son for his vocabulary building, daily tasks, and communication skills.

Parents, therapists, and teachers can customize the app with specific items for specific children to address each’s learning style!


Watch Communicate Easy in Action!



Want to Get This App?

Download Communicate Easy – Autism App for iPad


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