Dexteria Jr. Fine Motor Skills App for Preschool and Toddlers

Dexteria preschool fine motor skills app

App: Dexteria Jr.

Developer: Binary Labs

Platform: iPad

Price: $2.99  Download Dexteria Jr. – Fine Motor Skill

Category: Writing and Fine Motor Skills Apps



Dexteria Jr. Builds Handwriting Readiness

Inspired by the successful therapeutic app Dexteria, Binary Labs has created a new fine motor skills app for youngsters to help them build handwriting readiness and have fun at the same time.

Binary Labs took feedback from occupational therapists and geared Dexteria Jr. specifically for the preschooler and toddler age group (ages 2 – 5).

This interactive app includes hand and finger exercises that engage children with images and sound while practicing their fine motor line-tracing and pincer-grasp skills.


fine motor skills app

Multi-Touch User Interface

Kiddoes can practice their hand-eye coordination with Squish the Squash. I love how once you complete the first level, it gets a little more difficult each time.

Kids tap the squash to squish it and will love hearing the sound effects. They are timed so parents can keep track of their successes and they can practice as much as they want.



Tracing the Lines

With the Trace & Erase game, kids tap and drag an arrow to make a straight line.

I absolutely love this portion. My son, who is autistic, practiced lines with paper and pen for many years before he started hand writing. It helped with his coordination and line making. Once the kids make a line with the app, they then must erase it. Parents have a choice to turn off the verbal prompts, but I believe a prompt for little ones helps them understand what to do.

They are taking their first steps toward writing!




As the Trace & Erase levels progress, kids are eventually drawing curves and points, as well as, straight lines. This is great practice for those fine motor skills.

Parents can also keep track of their child’s progress with the reports included.



Perfecting the Pincer Grip

In order for kids to hold a pencil correctly, they must be able to do the pincer grip.

Pinch the Pepper lets kids practice by pinching a little animated pepper. The graphics in this app are so cute and will definitely keep those little folks’ attention.

The verbal prompt at the beginning is great so kids know what to do. Each level displays more peppers to pinch for the kids to practice and perfect their skills.




Dexteria Jr. is a great app that provides colorful graphics, excellent instructions, and fun games to help little ones practice their fine motor skills. These little folk will have enough practice to get them writing in no time!


Want to Get This Fine Motor Skills App?

Download Dexteria Jr. – Fine Motor Skill


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