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Touch and Write – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $2.99

Shapes Touch and Write – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $2.99

– Look In My Eyes 1 Restaurant – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $2.99

– Random Name Picker – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $1.99

Available For:  iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

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A Little About FizzBrain … From FizzBrain!

We are the developers of FizzBrain! My husband and I are both elementary school teachers with Masters Degrees. My Masters Degree is in special education, and my  husband David is the developer.


restaurant look in my eyes app


Our first app was the “Look in my Eyes Restaurant” app to help children with ASD practice eye contact skills. We now have many versions of this app, and it was shown on a “60 Minutes” episode in 2011.

Our best selling app “Touch and Write” just won Honorable Mention in the Best App Ever Award for Best Elementary Student App, and  One of the Best 10 Apps for Handwriting Suggested by OTs on Tech in Special Education. We currently have regular “Touch and Write,” “Cursive Touch and Write,” “Shapes Touch and Write,” “Australian Touch and Write Victorian Cursive,” and are currently working on a few other versions. It is also available in Turkish and Portuguese.


random name picker screenshot


We have a wonderful new app for teachers, “Random Name Picker,” where teachers can enter their students’ names and the picker chooses students randomly using fun themes like balloons, bubble gum, popcorn, etc.

We make educational apps because we love to do this, and because we want to help all children learn creatively and with best teaching practices. We currently have 38 apps and counting.

You can check out our other apps as well at,

Featured App #1: Touch and Write


 educational apps touch and write


Kids love learning to write – especially when they can use shaving cream, paint, and jello! “Touch and Write” was developed by real classroom teachers, and recreates the fun and effective teaching strategy used in classrooms every day: learning letters by writing with shaving cream, jello, finger paint, and more!

“Touch and Write” uses a letter style similar to those most commonly taught in schools, so it prepares children for a real classroom. “Touch and Write” also allows you to create your own lists of names and words so that you can individualize the learning experience for your child!

And it comes with 6 of its own word lists, including the most important words for young children to learn – high frequency sight words!


Touch and Write: Screenshots


writing apps for education


educational apps for kids


writing app for iPad



Featured App #2: Look in my Eyes Restaurant


look in my eyes educational app


Eye contact is an important social skill that some children find challenging. “Look in My Eyes” helps them practice this skill – while earning fun rewards and playing creatively. It was designed for children on the autism spectrum – especially those with Asperger’s Syndrome – but any child who has difficulties with eye contact may benefit from playing.

The game rewards players for quickly focusing in on a person’s eyes. Through repeated practice we attempt to develop a habit that families can transfer to real life settings as they remind children to use the skills they have practiced in the game.


See Look In My Eyes Restaurant in Action!


Watch Look In My Eyes Restaurant Here:


Look in my Eyes Restaurant: Screenshots


restaurant look in my eyes app


look in my eyes app


autism app

Featured App #3:  Random Name Picker


random app picker logo


Whenever you need to choose a random name… or number… or word… Random Name Picker is the fun way to do it!  Teachers – choose a random student for questions, privileges, anything – better than drawing straws!

Students can watch in suspense as their name stays in the running – or is eliminated – until the final random name is left! Choosing the random name is part of the fun – a great attention-getting device. And you can adjust the speed so that your random name is selected very quickly… or you can draw out the suspense and fun by slowing it down.

Random Name Picker comes with 9 fun themes: Monsters, Balloons, Fish, Bugs, Popcorn, Rockets, Robots, Gumballs and Sports.


Random Name Picker: Screenshots


random name picker


fizzbrain random name selector


random name picker fizzbrain app

For more information, please visit FizzBrain or “Like” FizzBrain on Facebook!


Want to Get These Apps?

These apps are available for download at the App Store:

– Touch and Write – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $2.99

– Shapes Touch and Write – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $2.99

– Look In My Eyes 1 Restaurant – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $2.99

– Random Name Picker – FIZZBRAIN LLC – $1.99


We’d like to thank FizzBrain for generously donating to Autism Plugged In’s 5K Run for Scholarships.  Their donation will go a long way toward helping students with autism get vocational training or a college education!

Jack Kieffer Organization for Autism Research Fundraiser
You can help, too! Read More Here 


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