Larry Lizard and Friends Star in Enchanting Storybook Apps

wasabi pro larry appsApps by: Wasabi Productions

Available For: iPad/iPhone

App #1 – FREE Download Lazy Larry Lizard

App #2 –  FREE – LIMITED TIME ONLY (Reg’l $2.99) Look Out Larry! or Lost Larry

App #3 –  FREE Download Pre-School Playtime

App #4 –  FREE Download Ten Giggly Gorillas (Reg’l $2.99)

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Wasabi Productions Creates Beautifully Animated Storybooks

Autism Plugged In has featured Wasabi Production and their gorgeous apps in the past, and today we’re featuring them as a Developer that you ought to know!

Wasabi productions is an independent publisher of original, interactive storybook apps for touch screen technology. They’re passionate about entertaining preschoolers with tales where their interaction is integral to the story as this involves, delights and inspires young readers.

Text highlighting as well as social and moral lessons ensure that Wasabi books contribute positively to development.

All apps exemplify best practice standards in family friendliness. There are no in-app purchases and all external links are housed in a dedicated and protected parents section.

Producing the safest virtual playpen for kids is a priority in the design of their products.


Lazy Larry Lizard – FREE to Download

Early readers are invited to play an active role in the story and are rewarded with rich interactivity – when they ‘poke’ Lazy Larry on the screen, he wakes up and comes to life.

But as surprising and delightful as this is for the reader, it’s not so much fun for poor Larry and the reader learns of a better way to make him happy at the end (a special social outtake for kids).

This book makes for the perfect bedtime story. Larry’s facial expressions, noises and curling up to rest are sure to delight and entertain the whole family!


lazy larry lizard



Lost Larry Interactive Storybook

FREE  for Limited Time ONLY

In this 3rd book in the Larry Lizard series, Larry is lost and needs you to help him find his way home. There’s rich interaction on every page as the reader needs to help Larry through mazes, across rivers, over canyons, stepping stones and rickety old bridges. Keep an eye out for the special extra surprise animations on every page too!

A good lesson in not wandering too far from home makes this book an entertaining and meaningful family read.

Hands-On Review of Lost Larry

Click here to read Autism Plugged In’s full review of this app.


Watch Jack’s Video Review of Lost Larry


Lost Larry app


Pre-School Playtime – Game Bundle App

This is a 3-in-1 educational game pack, perfect for pre-schoolers. We’ve brought together the characters you know and love from our books in bonus games which help improve memory, recall and co-ordination. A great way to have fun, laughs and learn at the same time!



preschool playtime


Look Out Larry! Interactive Book


FREE for a Limited Time ONLY – Download Look Out Larry! animated story book


In this story, alert Larry to dangers in the desert like spiders, snakes and bushfires and find him a cosy place to sleep. Just when you think the story has ended, there’s Larry’s dream to amuse and delight as he imagines conquering the threats himself, plus a completely separate educational game to test your memory – Larry’s Memory Match.

This 2nd book in the Larry series contains more beautifully illustrated Aussie bush scenes from Kim Neale, more animations and more interaction. Look Out Larry! is sure to delight the whole family – a great bedtime story to enjoy together.

Look Out Larry


Ten Giggly Gorillas – Cuteness Beyond Words

Ten Giggly Gorillas swinging in the trees, putting on a show for the cheeky chimpanzees. Listen to the story to know which one to tickle under the arm (are they wearing a pirate hat? flippers? a bow tie?) and hear them giggle until they lose their grip and fall until there’s one lonely gorilla left. Tickle her under the arm and discover the hidden surprise at the end. A rollicking rhyme and beautiful illustrations combine with movie-style animations on every page to make this a favorite for young and old alike.

Ten Giggly Gorillas App


For more information, please visit Wasabi Pro or “Like” Wasabi Pro on Facebook!


Want to Get These Wasabi Pro Apps?

FREE for a Limited Time Download Lazy Larry Lizard bedtime story book for preschoolers

FREE for a Limited Time Download Pre-School Playtime educational games bundle

FREE for a Limited Time – Download Look Out Larry! animated story book

FREE for a Limited Time – Download Ten Giggly Gorillas story book for children

FREE for a Limited Time – Download Lost Larry interactive story book


We’d like to thank Wasabi Productions for generously donating to Autism Plugged In’s 5K Run for Scholarships.  Their donation will go a long way toward helping students with autism get vocational training or a college education!

Jack Kieffer Organization for Autism Research Fundraiser
You can help, too! Read More Here 


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