Potty Training App: Social Story Eases Potty Worries

App: Potty Training Social Storyautism potty training app

Developer: Touch Autism

Platform: iPad/Android

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Potty Training App Makes Potty Fun

Every parent knows that potty training is not the most fun thing to do. Touch Autism has created the Potty Training Social Story app to help ease the pain and show kids that it’s really not that bad – everyone does it!

Some autistic children have a tough time going potty in the toilet.

That big, porcelain, water-filled, white thing can be a little intimidating – my son still gets a little timid when we’re not at home.

Plus, toilets that flush automatically and sound like freight trains coming through the bathroom are not fun for a little person with sensory issues!

This app can hopefully motivate kiddos to want to do it and to become more independent when away from home. Once they learn that they can go to the bathroom on their own, they’ll feel empowered!


Potty Training Social Story App: Boy and Girl Examples



This app provides a colorful, audio-filled social story about going potty that children can watch with their parents as many times as they want.

I like the way the app uses a red “Stop” sign and green “Go” sign as visuals for when a child should stop what they’re doing and go to the potty when they get the urge.

The app also walks a child through each step involved with using the potty.  The visuals can really help autistic kids, as many of these children more easily learn from and communicate with pictures.

Another plus is that it uses both male and female examples.


Next is the female example.


The story moves through each step and provides a picture for each.


Potty Training Accidents

Most kids have potty training accidents — it goes with the territory.  This picture addresses this feeling and lets kids know that they’re not alone.


Wiping and Washing Hands

One of the images explains the child’s parents or teachers might have to help with wiping afterwards.

I really like that it includes the sound of a flushing toilet. Hearing it a number of times will help ease the fear of the sound when a child finally decides to go themselves.

It also explains how important washing hands is after going potty.  This is, obviously, an important life-long habit that kids need to learn.


Visual Schedule Included

Potty Training Social Story App includes a handy visual schedule, too!  The schedule includes pictures of each step for going potty.

This can be very  helpful to post in the bathroom both at home and at school for the child to get used to steps for potty time.



Read Myself or Read To Me Options

The app lets the child read to themselves or have the story read aloud to them. Parents will surely want to use this tool to help their kiddos go potty on their own.

Its visuals, audio, and reinforcement will motivate them to want to learn and master the art of toilet training!


Want to Get This App?


Download Potty Training Social Story


Download Potty Training App for Android Devices


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