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pufferfish softwareFeatured Apps by:  Pufferfish Software

– Social Stories – Proteon Software – $2.99
Visual Routine – Proteon Software – $3.99

Available For:  iPad/iPhone

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Pufferfish Software Creates Apps For Kids With Autism


Pufferfish, an app development company with a notoriously fun-to-say name, is excellent at what they do because they narrow their sights to a specific area of work and strive to make their software intuitive.  These applications are designed specifically for individuals on the ASD spectrum, and every one of their apps is useful and very easy for kids to figure out and work with!

This company also makes it their goal to raise money for various charities that help to support individuals affected by autism.  They recognize that these children do grow up, and that they need to be prepared for the tasks that being young adults can bring about.  With these awesome apps, teachers will easily find ways to integrate technology into the classroom!


Social Stories


social stories app copy   easy-to-use apps social stories


Social Stories is an ABA app designed to help special needs children and young adults understand social situations and give them tools to respond correctly to their environment, in their environment. Social Stories is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand.

A photo is paired with a line of text & audio to show the child, to help visualize what they need to do or understand on each page. To create one of these stories, tap the add button in the upper right hand corner and create a new story. Stories can be one or multiple pages.


✔ Customizable Text, Audio, & Pictures
✔ Multi-Page stories
✔ Clearly labeled page arrows
✔ Easy-to-Use edit screen


Visual Routine


visual schedule app for iPad   visual routine add picture


This app serves as a visualization tool for routines, providing portability, audio support, and excellent easy to understand graphics. By using this app special needs individuals and children will be able to understand what needs to be done easier then with PECS or simple description.


✔ Check Mark: check mark system for completed steps, with audio feedback

✔ Length: Routines can be as long as needed

✔ Customization: Full customization routine creator – customize text, images, choices, and audio within each routine. Create text only, picture only, or audio only choices, or any mix!

✔ Non-Readers: Picture only option for non-readers (with written Routine title)

✔ Storage: Permanent storage of many routines on your device

✔ Readers: Text only option for readers (with Monkey image for each written step or task)

✔ Choices: “Choices” feature for tasks in a routine step. Up to 4 choices can be embedded within each routine item, enabling someone to pick between options. (i.e. eggs, pancakes, or cereal for breakfast.)

✔ Setup: Fast and easy setup right from the main screen

✔ Audio: “The auditory feedback when a step in the routine is checked off is great as well.” In addition to optional feedback when completing a step, you can customize audio for each step in a routine.


Read Jack’s Hands-On Review of Visual Routine

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For more information, please visit Pufferfish Apps or “Like” Pufferfish Apps on Facebook!


Want to Get These Easy-To-Use Apps For Special Needs?

These apps are available for download at the App Store:

– Social Stories – Proteon Software – $2.99
– Visual Routine – Proteon Software – $3.99


We’d like to thank Pufferfish Software for generously donating to Autism Plugged In’s 5K Run for Scholarships.  Their donation will go a long way toward helping students with autism get vocational training or a college education!

Jack Kieffer Organization for Autism Research Fundraiser
You can help, too! Read More Here 


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