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speech therapy appsFeatured Apps by:  Virtual Speech Center

Multiple Meanings Library – $12.99
Magical Concepts – $9.99
Expedition with Plurals – $5.99

Available For: iPad/iPhone

Category: Speech Therapy Apps


Virtual Speech Center

Virtual Speech Center focuses on designing and creating applications for the iPad and iPhone that teach and foster skills in the area of speech development and language therapy.  They are dedicated to assisting those who want to work on language and comprehension skills.  Some of their apps are even free to speech pathologists!

In order to make these apps even more accessible to those who need them, Virtual Speech Center also participates in Apple’s Volume Purchase program, which gives schools and therapists significant discounts when making bulk app purchases.


Multiple Meanings Library

Multiple Meanings Library was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for students ages 5–15 who struggle with oral and written comprehension of words with multiple meanings.

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Magical Concepts

Magical Concepts is an app for the iPhone and iPad. It was created by a certified speech-language pathologist who wanted to make “drilling” with flashcards fun and motivating. This engaging, colorful app includes over 2000 photos accompanied by audio instructions. Children are welcomed by Mago the Magician, who encourages them to work hard. Children earn stars for each correct response, and when they accumulate enough stars, they are rewarded with a magic show.

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Magical Concepts Start Screen


Expedition With Plurals

Expedition with Plurals was created by a certified speech and language pathologist for PK–3 students to practice regular (e.g., cat/cats) and irregular plurals (foot/feet) in multiple contexts, targeting both receptive and expressive language skills and accompanied by recorded audio instructions. This fun and colorful app includes both an audio recording feature that allows students to hear their productions and a fun memory game that can be customized.

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expedition with plurals autism app


For more information, please visit Virtual Speech Center or “Like” Virtual Speech Center on Facebook!


Want to Get These Speech Therapy and Language Apps?

Download Multiple Meanings Library – Virtual Speech Center Inc.
Download Magical Concepts – Virtual Speech Center Inc.
Download Expedition with Plurals – Virtual Speech Center Inc.


Virtual Speech Center Offers More Speech Therapy Apps

Here are of few of them:

Auditory Processing Studio

Auditory Workout 

Verbal Reasoning 

WH-Questions Island 

Sentence Workout 

Describe With Art 


Syntax Workout 


We’d like to thank Virtual Speech Center for generously donating to Autism Plugged In’s 5K Run for Scholarships.  Their donation will go a long way toward helping students with autism get vocational training or a college education!

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