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App: Words for Kids

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Developer: Jan Friml


Price: FREE  **Check Back Soon to Download Words for Kids (iPad Edition)

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Words for Kids

If you’re looking for a free (I said FREE) app to build your child’s reading and communication skills, Words for Kids might be the app for you!

Autistic children are such visual learners and appreciate when pictures are used along with words to learn how to read, write, and communicate.

Words for Kids, created by Jan Friml, includes audio, visuals, and customization for parents who want to build their own “library” of picture puzzles.  For instance, kids are given the chance to answer the question, “What’s in the picture?” by typing the word.

It’s customizable, fun, and easy-to-use!

You are limited by the number of words (5) and groups (1) in the free version, but have the option to upgrade to the full version for only $1.99.  The upgraded version will allow you to create an unlimited number of words and up to 15 groups.



Customize and Create Your Own Word Games

What’s neat is you can either search the Web for pictures, use your own from your photo library, or take your own, which I appreciate as a parent.

My son loves hearing and seeing familiar items, places, and people. He also loves hearing his own voice and his mom or dad’s voice. With this app, you can take your own pictures, use your own voice, and create your own picture groups!




Once you’ve added pictures to a group, you can also edit them by tapping the settings icon in the upper, right. You can change the picture, description, audio, or group.



It’s a Snap!

Once you’ve taken your picture, you can do a number of things shown in the next image. For example, you can tap Check It to listen to your audio recording. You can also include a longer description of the picture for older kids.



Pieces of a Puzzle

Kids will love using the word puzzles to improve their reading and communication skills! They can tap the large letters to spell out the correct word that matches the picture.

Positive reinforcement graphics and audio help keep kids motivated and learning. They can try as many times as needed to get it correct.




This app is a great choice if you’re looking for customization, bright graphics, readable letters, and fun learning!

Want to Get This App?


Check back soon to Download Words for Kids (iPad Edition)


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preschool funbox


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preschool funbox-3

Want to Get This App (and more Panda fun)?

Download Preschool Funbox: New Challenges – $1.99 – Friml Jan

Preschool Funbox: First Steps – Friml Jan

Preschool Funbox: My First Certificate – Friml Jan

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We’d like to thank Jan Friml for generously donating to Autism Plugged In’s 5K Run for Scholarships.  Their donation will go a long way toward helping students with autism get vocational training or a college education!

Jack Kieffer Organization for Autism Research Fundraiser
You can help, too! Read More Here   

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