Dr. Seuss: The Butter Battle Book App

butter battle book app

App: The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss

Developer: Oceanhouse Media

Platform: iPad/Android/Nook

Price:  $4.99   Download The Butter Battle Book – Dr. Seuss for iPad  or  Download Android Google Play App   or     Nook App

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The Butter Battle Book App: I Can Read!

Have I told you how much I adore the Dr. Seuss read-to-me book apps by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.? My son reads with them and listens to them constantly!

The Butter Battle Book app is a story about Yooks and Zooks, and their constant fight over how they spread butter on bread. The images, audio, voice recorder, and interactive interface is enough to keep a kid reading over and over again!


butter battle book app

So Many Reading Choices

Kids can choose whether to read on their own or have the book read to them. Read to Me lets kids turn their own pages, Read it Myself lets kids read on their own, and Auto Play reads and turns pages for them.

The narrator is extremely engaging, and kids usually like hearing the story first. Then, they can read it own their own.



Words to Touch

Kids can tap any word on the screen and it displays!

We tried tapping small houses (to see if the word displayed) and, as expected, “Zook Houses” displayed. My son loved it! Tap any of the words to see the spelling and hear the pronunciation.

This interface is excellent for children on the autism spectrum who are learning to read because they tend to be very visual and to be audio learners.

Seeing words within a related picture helps them process and understand what the word means, sounds like, and how it’s spelled.

Children can tap the pictures as many times as they want. My son sees a word a couple of times and is able to spell it. He loves this app because he can practice his reading and spelling over and over again.



Customize It

Kids can use the voice recorder to record their own voice, too. The audio instructions walk users through the steps for recording.

This feature allows them to listen to themselves reading the book! Kids love hearing their own voices, and it’s great reading practice.

Users can also email book recordings to share with friends and download recordings to additional devices.




Kids will love reading and hearing this story, as with all Dr. Seuss classics.

So remember, “you can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” – Dr. Seuss

Want to Get This App?

Download The Butter Battle Book – Dr. Seuss for iPad  or  Download Android Google Play App or Nook App


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