Autism Tracker Pro Helps Monitor Behavior

App: Autism Tracker Proautism tracker pro

Developer: Track & Share Apps, LLC

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (No Android Version)

Price: $9.99 Autism Tracker Pro: Track, analyze and share ASD daily – Track & Share Apps, LLC

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Autism Tracker Pro

Sometimes we have challenging days with our autistic children, whether it’s melting down, running away, fixating on something, choosing not to eat, or refusing to move on to the next activity. Track & Share Apps has created a great educational app, Autism Tracker, that helps parents, teachers, and therapists monitor behavior, mood, diet, and even weather to prepare for those challenging days.

This app can help you track patterns in your child’s behavior, mood, or environment that may be affecting his actions. By knowing the patterns, you can work together with teachers to come up with ways to prepare for situations and help your child through them.



Customizable and Mobile

I love this app for its customization and mobility – I can take it anywhere and track my son’s mood and behavior all day! The app includes a calendar and an overview of different categories. You can also add items that are specific to your child, like “Diet” or “Sensory Issues.”



Get a Quick Visual Overview

After entering each day’s categories, you can easily view them in the Overview section to get a quick review of your child’s mood, stress, and other information you’re tracking.



Compare for Patterns

With the graph feature, parents can compare days and see if there are patterns in behavior or mood.


Use Autism Tracker to Ease Transitions

Once parents have tracked a month or two of behavior, they can compare weeks and then look at an entire month to see if patterns emerge.

A child might be more stressed at lunch time because of eating lunch in the cafeteria with loud noise, like my son was. Or they may have difficulty transitioning from school to home in the afternoons.

This process can help parents come up with strategies to ease these transitions and hopefully make it less stressful for the child.



Track Multiple Users and Share Info

Users can also share information and track several people on one device. For example, if a teacher needs to track a few students, they can keep up with all of them from one device.

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Autism Tracker Pro: Track, analyze and share ASD daily – Track & Share Apps, LLC

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2 Responses to Autism Tracker Pro Helps Monitor Behavior

  1. Judy Savage on June 6, 2013 at 11:31 am

    this has to be a great app…would love to have it for my 7 almost 8 year old

  2. Jack Kieffer on June 9, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    Good luck, Judy!

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