Building Sentences Using Visual Cues: Rainbow Sentences for iPad

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App: Rainbow Sentences

Developer: Mobile Education Store

Platform: iPad

Price: $7.99 Download Rainbow Sentences

Category: Reading and Writing Apps


Sentence Fun

Building sentences is an important part of a child’s learning experience and learning to do it well can be fun, given the right tools.

Rainbow Sentences, created by Mobile Education Store LLC, is an award-winning educational app that uses color-coded visual cues, audio, vibrant illustrations, and an interactive interface to help children create grammatically correct sentences.

Autistic learners, in particular, will appreciate the visual supports included in this app!


Rainbow Sentences – User Profiles

The first screen asks users to set up their profile and to turn on the features they prefer.

Take a good look at these options, because many of them have the potential to greatly enhance a special needs user’s experience.  This is the area where you can choose audio instructions, correct answer reinforcement, line and word color coding, complexity level and more!



Building Sentences with Color-Codes

As we all know, autistic children are very visual and they enjoy learning with pictures, colors, and shapes.

I love how Rainbow Sentences uses color-coded visual cues for the subject and action verbs of each sentence.  This color coding feature helps kids easily recognize the who, what, where, and why of sentences.

For example, a blank line where the subject goes is colored blue and another blank line is colored red for the verb. The words children choose from are also color-coordinated, where the subject word is blue and the verb is red.

By dragging and dropping the words to the correct line, children visually see the correct placement of the words and how they form a sentence. What’s even more cool is that kids are learning grammar rules at the same time!




Audio Instructions – Explanation of Grammar Rules

If you tap Play Lesson at the bottom right, you will hear a summary of grammar rules and why words are placed where they are when building the sentence.

Visual graphics accompany the audio instructions, which help kids understand the sentence’s subject and action.




After you tap I’m Done, pieces of the puzzle that the child is building displays. And, once you’ve completed a sentence in Level 1, the completed puzzle displays.




Recording Your Voice

Rainbow Sentences makes it easy for kids to record their sentences and replay them (over and over again). Kids love hearing their own voice and will learn to improve their receptive and expressive language skills at the same time!




Level Up

As children progress through each level, they can unlock the next puzzle piece.

Kids will get a lot of practice building sentences at different levels, and each gets a little more challenging.



I loved this sentence building app for its visual color cues and the way it encourages interaction from the child. Rainbow Sentences has made building sentences (using appropriate grammar) fun and effective with its focus on multi-sensory instructional strategies.

Mobile Education Store has done it again by creating another innovative, award-winning app – Rainbow Sentences!  If you’re looking for a highly effective speech/language, reading development app for a special needs child, this app is definitely worth a look!


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2 Responses to Building Sentences Using Visual Cues: Rainbow Sentences for iPad

  1. Coleen B on June 25, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Where’s My Water

  2. April M on June 26, 2013 at 6:49 am

    Both my girls are loving the Wonkido apps (Going Potty, Getting Dressed, Ordering at a Restaurant). I’m hoping to use it to my advantage when potty training this summer!

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