Leo’s Pad: Awesome Learning App for Kids With Autism

App: Leo’s PadLearning App for Kids With Autism

Developer: Kidaptive Inc.

Platform: iPad Only

Price: FREE  Download Leo’s Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series

*Additional “Appisodes” available as in-app purchases

Category: Education Apps – This Learning App Has Everything!


Bringing Stories to Life

What combines auditory and visual skills, fine-motor and social skills, spelling and math skills, and art into one fun learning app?

Kidaptive’s educational app – Leo’s Pad – does this, and more!  The first “appisode” is free, and the others are available as in-app purchases.

This is the perfect learning app for kids with autism, because they tend to learn best with pictures and visual supports.  The beautiful graphics, interactive stories, and songs provided by Leo’s Pad really fit the bill!

There is so much information packed into each “Appisode,” that they won’t even know they’re learning about math, art, spelling, social skills, and following simple instructions!


learning app for kids with autism

Leo’s Pad Puts Kids In the Middle of the Action

The interactive aspects of this app are fantastic! My sons took turns with each game and loved seeing the results.

For example, in one of the activities, he built a telescope! This task requires children to place each shape into the appropriate position in order to build each piece of the telescope. This activity tests a child’s fine-motor, visual processing, and math skills.

I loved seeing my visually-challenged son put a telescope together! His reply was, “How cool is this?!”

Spectrum kids’ attention spans are sometimes short, but these stories and hidden teaching blocks take just enough time to keep them interested and motivated. Each game is so much fun, kids forget that they’re learning something new.  That’s what I call an awesome learning app for kids with autism!




Memory and Recall Skills Put to the Test

Each appisode builds upon the last. Children will have to get those memory and recall skills working so that they can relate each story to the next.



Parent’s Pad Lets You Monitor Progress

Parent’s Pad lets monitor their child’s progress. I love this feature because it breaks each game into different icons where parents can tap and quickly see a user’s progress for a specific skill.

Each game is linked to specific learning skills like math, social, shape manipulation, spelling, and following instructions.




Personalized Progress Tips

Parents can use the timeline format to see progress throughout a day, week, or month. Tips to help your child improve are given to the right of the timeline progress screen – these tips are personalized, so you know exactly what skills to practice!




Creative Skills

Throughout each story, children can create their own works of art by choosing colors, types of brushes, stickers, etc., to work with! This activity really helps kids improve their fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creativity!




This Learning App for Kids With Autism ROCKS!

We love this app for it’s full curriculum and for it’s interactive components.

Leo’s Pad is officially one of our family’s favorites!

So, if you’re looking for an educational app designed by Stanford University education researchers along with Emmy-winning storytellers and animators, Kidaptive’s Leo’s Pad’s for you!

Want to Get This App?


Download Leo’s Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series


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