Learning Numbers is Super Fun with Splish Splash Inn

App: Splish Splash Innlearning numbers

(Spanish, English, French)

Developer: Shortstack

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (No Android version)

Price:  $.99   Download Splish Splash Inn HD

Category: Education – Math, Music, and Games all-in-one app!


Making a Splash in Your Child’s Education

Summer is a time for swimming, splashing, and sand! How appropriate is it that Shortstack’s education app, Splish Splash Inn, is ready to help make summer fun!

Splish Splash Inn is an app for preschoolers who want to get a jump on counting and learning numbers. It helps teach younger children their numbers and how to relate them to quantities by using colorful sea creature graphics, fun sounds, and interactive music.  These skills are essential as pre-math concepts.

Since autistic learners are so visual, this app is sure to keep their attention and help them learn their numbers in no time!




Come on Inn

After a cute introduction showing the fish above swimming to the inn, the main page gives children 10 doors to choose from. Children can tap each door to see what is behind it, and each room contains corresponding numbers of different sea creatures.




The number on each door opens to that number of brightly colored, interactive sea creatures. Kids can tap, touch, and drag each creature to see them swim and hear the sounds they make.

You can also tilt the iPad to make the creatures swim and move around the screen!

To return to the main page, tap the door image in the lower, right corner.



Music to Your Ears

Children can tap each creature to hear music. For example, in the starfish room, they can play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Kids can even make up their own song in each room!




Learning Numbers in Multiple Languages

You can even customize the app to read in Spanish, English, or French!



Communication Practice

Even though this app is primarily for learning numbers, parents and teachers can also use it to prompt verbal communication with children.

Autistic children sometimes have speech delays, and the colorful graphics are sure to keep their attention. Parents can ask the “Wh” questions (what, why, who, when) to get their children thinking about the animals. For example, “Where does a manta ray live?” Or, “When do you see a manta ray?”




This app is sure to keep summer fun and to keep kiddos’ attention for learning numbers and getting them ready for math!

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