Write-On Handwriting is a Powerful Letter and Number Printing App

write-on handwriting printing app

App: Write-On Handwriting

Developer: Write-On Handwriting LLC

Platform: iPad (No Android Version)

Price:  $2.99  Write On Handwriting: Printing Letters & Numbers

Category: Writing Apps


A Multi-Sensory Powerhouse for Special Needs Learners


How do you build a handwriting app that is sure to please special needs learners and their parents?  Consider their learning styles!

We all know that most autistic children are sensory seekers and learners.

Write-On Handwriting LLC has created “Write-On Handwriting” to help children learn and practice number and letter patterns through multisensory instruction.

Children can practice as much as they wish!  Plus, they are sure to enjoy the reinforcing graphics that cheer them on!




This “Powerful Printing app” is loaded with visual and audio prompts and lots of reinforcement.  Autistic children can really engage with this app.


They’ll love interacting by tracing, listening, and watching handwriting come alive.



Multi-Sensory Instruction Sets This Printing App Apart


I love the visual prompts in this app, like the stars and arrows which show the correct direction to trace before a child starts.

Rule lines, similar to those on handwriting paper, are also used so children can make sure letters and numbers are placed in the right location.

The use of rule lines is extremely helpful for a child doing independent work.  They can practice on their own and then their parent or teacher can check their work.




This colorful letter and number printing app provides immediate positive reinforcement by using stars (visual) and cheering (audio) to let a child know they traced correctly.


Finally a multi-sensory app that teaches special needs kids how to print @AutismPluggedIn – Click to Tweet 


Positive images and smiley faces engage and keep children’s attention. It also motivates them to continue practicing!




How to Keep Your Kids Smiling While They Learn


This app is full of positive reinforcement that encourages kids to do more!  The smileys next to each letter let the child know that they have mastered the task.




Handwriting is a tool children will use their entire lives. By starting early, they will learn to love writing and to enjoy practicing.  Before you know it, they will be printing their name, sentences, and maybe even a story or two!


Want to Get This App?


Write On Handwriting: Printing Letters & Numbers


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