Association Puzzles App for iPad: Match Shapes, Colors, and Patterns

association puzzles app for iPad

App: Association Puzzles

Developer: PopApp Factory Inc.

Platform: iPad

Price: $.99  Association Puzzles – PopAppFactory

Category: Education App


Association Puzzles App Teaches Kids Matching

Preschoolers love shapes, colors, and puzzles. With that in mind, PopAppFactory created “Association Puzzles” app for children aged 1-4.  This iPad app gives kids a chance to practice shapes, colors, and beginning problem-solving skills.


puzzles app


The app includes 50, 2-piece puzzles and uses visuals and Retina graphics which make it engaging and interesting for kids.

Autistic learners will love the brightly colored, visual user interface and ease of use.


puzzles app


Colors, Patterns, and Forms

Association Puzzles gives the user three categories to choose from.

Kids can choose to work with colors, patterns or forms.

When they work with colors, they are asked to associate an item with the matching appropriate color.




Positive Reinforcement

There are many positive reinforcing words supplied with this app.  This reinforcement helps a child know that they successfully completed a task.




Match the Patterns

When working with the Patterns feature, kids can tap a picture and drag it to the matching pattern.  The image below shows a piece of cheese in the bottom row.  This image can be dragged upward to the matching box containing the yellow, swiss cheese pattern.




Matching Shapes

In this option, kids learn to match an associated shape of an item with it’s formal shape.

For instance, the picture of an orange slice (below) matches up nicely with the solid circle shape piece directly above it.

Kids can drag and drop the appropriate form to the right place. This helps improve hand-eye coordination and those fine motor skills.




This app is simple enough for kids to use alone. They will love the graphics and stay engaged while learning forms, colors, and patterns!


Want to Get This App?


Association Puzzles – PopAppFactory


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