Pre-Number Category Sorting and Matching Game

Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game App

App: Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game

Developer: Good Neighbor Press, Inc

Platform: iPad

Price:  $0.99  Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game – Good Neighbor Press, Inc

Category: Education


Good Neighbor Press is making the pocket chart portable and fun! Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game is an Early Childhood iPad app that simulates the familiar pocket chart with the addition of music, verbal prompts, appealing graphics, and errorless learning.


category matching game


Matching Game: How it Works


pre-number category sorting and matching app


Children match two items by size, color, shape, or quantity. Categories can be randomly mixed or grouped. Music and verbal prompts can be easily turned off from the home screen.

There are eighteen matches in a game with an estimated completion time of three to five minutes.  There is no timer or pressure to complete the game within this time period.

The app is ad-free with optional in-app purchases.


Sorting and Matching: Why it Works

The child-friendly interface of Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game masks the thought that goes into Good Neighbor Press’ apps.  Developmentally, preschoolers are concrete thinkers and hands on learners. Since these traits are also found in children with Autism, this app has great potential for our kids!


matching app for ipad


A simple drag and drop is used to match the images and brings a tactile element to the app while building fine motor skills. The images being matched are clear and to the point. The celebration after a successful match is fun enough to be motivating but not over the top and distracting.


Also Presenting: Basic Skills Position Words

Position Skills is a sister app to Pre-Number Sorting Matching Game and can be purchased from within the Pocket Chart! Pro app. The concrete images are centered around a cute little red bean who is matched to a positional term.  Red Bean stood out as the focal point, not just because of his color, but because he is the only bean with a face.  This small detail creates continuity between the images and helps the early learner focus on the concept instead of getting lost in decoding the pictures.


Pocket Charts! Pro Position Skills Screenshot


Position Skills is also a virtual pocket chart with a similar design to Pre-Number Sorting Matching Game. Children with Autism can have difficulties transferring skills, so it was nice that both apps functioned the same way.


Kid Testing Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game App

This was a good summer enrichment app for Clara-Bear (8 years old, ASD, Down Syndrome). It gave her a simple, fast, and successful review of basic knowledge. She cheered along with the app with every correct answer.

Since her focus is variable, I would have liked to choose the number of questions for each game instead of being tied to eighteen. I don’t think she could have stayed engaged in eighteen questions when she was in Early Childhood. Adding the ability to choose just one category would also be a good way to help a child with Special Needs focus on an IFSP or IEP goal.


Over 20 Additional Early Childhood Apps Available

Good Neighbor Press has over 20 different Early Childhood and early elementary math and literacy apps that appear onscreen when the game is completed. Selecting any of them from the last page of the game leads directly to iTunes for purchase, so protected purchase settings are recommended.

One of those apps is “Position Words Matching Game.”

Check out the iTunes Description for this game:

Help develop early childhood skills (ages 3-8) in both pre-number math and literacy by teaching position words to your young learner. Understanding relationships like top/bottom, inside/outside, around/through, and left/right, etc. is an important early childhood basic skill. This little App will help making learning Position Words fun!

Overall, Clara-Bear enjoyed the Pre-Number Category Sorting and Matching Game and I enjoyed watching my nonverbal child display her understanding of some pre-number categories.


Want to Get This App?

Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game – Good Neighbor Press, Inc


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