How To Move Photos From The Internet To Your iPad

move photos to iPadYou might be asking why it’s so important that you know how to move photos from the internet to your iPad.

Why not just look at them on the internet?

Customize Your Child’s Special Needs Apps

Many customizable special needs apps require you to choose from pictures that are already stored on your device.

This might sound simple, but if you’ve never done it before, it can be confusing!

And, if you don’t know how to take photos off of the internet and save them to your iPad or iPhone, you’re going to have a hard time customizing AAC apps.  This means you’ll be missing out on one of the BEST app features available to parents of special needs kids!

Move Photos From the Internet to Your iPad

I’ve boiled this task down to a few easy steps, so you’ll be moving pictures to your iPad and using them in your apps in no time!


Step One – Find a Photo

move photos to ipad


Open up the internet browser on your iPad.  (This is most likely Safari, which is represented by a blue compass icon.)

You can then just search Google or go wherever you would normally go in order to find the web picture that you’re looking for.

Here’s what I recommend doing:

1.  Search for the item in Google

2.  At the top of the page, in the Google toolbar, click “Images.”  This will restrict results to only showing images.

3.  Scroll around and find a picture that you like!

4.  Tap on that picture once in order to make it larger on the screen.  From here, go to Step Two!


Step Two – Save Your Photo

You are now looking at the image that you want to save on your iPad.

Simply tap and hold your finger on the screen to bring up the device’s photo options:

Save Image


You are going to want to tap “Save Image.”  This will put the photo onto your iPad in the Photo Gallery section!



Image Source


Step Three – View Your Photo

You’ve saved your image!  Nice job!  Hit the Home Button to return to the iPad’s interface.

In order to view your image, you will need to find the yellow sunflower app icon that is titled “Photos.”  This is usually on the first or second page of your apps.


iPad Photos Button



Once you find the Photos icon, tap on it.  You should now see a tab called “Camera Roll” – this is where your photos are stored!  Tap that in order to see all of the images on your iPad!

Boom – you’re done!  You now know how to move photos from the internet to your iPad!

When you are working in special needs apps, you will always want to choose the “Choose Image From Gallery” option if you are looking to use a photo that you have saved from the internet.

I hope this was helpful, and now you know how to find photos on the internet and save them to your iPad!

Top-Notch Customizable Special Needs Apps

Apps that allow you to add your own images can be a wonderful thing for a child with special needs.  They tend to interact better to pictures of objects that they are familiar with.

If you’re interested in exploring the wonderful world of customizable apps, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Click on the link to read Autism Plugged In’s review:


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