SpeechBox™: Easy-To-Use Speech Therapy App

speechBox speech therapy app for iPad

App: SpeechBox™

Developer: The Jonah Bonah Learning Company, LLC

Platform: iPad

Price: $19.99   Download SpeechBox™ for Speech Therapy (Apraxia, Autism, Down’s Syndrome) – iPad Edition

Category: Education App / Speech App


A Box of Goodies

When I first opened SpeechBox, I could tell I was going to love it! Boxes lined up with beautiful pictures inside them and phonics sounds on the front. How great for autistic children because they are so visual and can select the box they want, by just tapping it!


Speech Therapy App Helps With Speech Delays

The Jonah Bonah Learning Company has created SpeechBox, an educational speech therapy app geared toward helping children of all ages with speech delays, including childhood apraxia of speech, autism, and down’s syndrome.

This well-designed app uses audio, more than 700 retina quality graphics, and phonics to help kids practice speaking simple words.

The interface is even easy enough for a child of any age to practice on their own.


speech therapy app

Visuals Keep Kids Engaged

Once you tap a box, it opens with multiple images displaying that are related to the sound on the front of the box.




SpeechBox Reads Words Out Loud

Buttons are displayed at the bottom of the screen for Initial, Medial, and Final placements.  The user can choose the target placement of words to display.

Once you tap a picture, the word displays and is read out loud.

When you’re done, just swipe the picture in any direction and the picture is removed from the box.  If you pinch the picture, it will be placed back into the box.



Add Your Own Touch

You can customize SpeechBox by adding your own boxes and pictures.  Take new pictures with your iPad’s camera or use images that you have saved in your photo library.  This is great for kids on the spectrum because they can then relate words to familiar items.

For example, if you have a pet, you can use a picture of your pet and the word “dog” for /d/ phonic sounds.




Customize Word Prompts

You can also add your own voice to read the words with the simple “Record Custom Prompt” feature.




This app is great because any aged child can use it. The interface is designed so that they will engage in the activities of learning phonics and communication skills while having fun, too!


Want to Get This App?


Download SpeechBox™ for Speech Therapy (Apraxia, Autism, Down’s Syndrome) – iPad Edition


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