Daisy-Head Mayzie: Interactive Book App for iPad

book app Daisy-Head Mayzie Dr. Seuss

App: Daisy-Head Mayzie

Developer: Oceanhouse Media, Inc.

Platform: iPad, iPad, Android

Price: $4.99 Daisy-Head Mayzie – Dr. Seuss – Oceanhouse Media

or  Download Android App

Category: Reading App / Book App


They Did it Again

Oceanhouse Media’s done it again with their Daisy-Head Mayzie book app that brings a classic to life and is bound to get noticed by lots of little ones! Dr. Seuss’ Daisy-Head Mayzie is a fun story that Oceanhouse has turned into an interactive story app about Daisy-Head Mayzie who finds fortune, fame, and ultimately that there’s no place like home.

Audio, beautiful graphics, and interactive features that make this app fun and educational at the same time.



Book App Reading Options

Kids can have the book read to them, they can read it themselves, or have it auto played, meaning the pages will turn for them. The words highlight in a different color so children can see the words stand out. They can follow along and relate the word to the picture. This is a great tool for teaching kids how to read and recognize words.




Each picture on the screen is tappable and displays the word. This is great for autistic children who are learning to read. These kids are so visual, they will love associating the words to the picture and hopefully, remember the word when they see the it again.




Customizable Audio

Children can record their own voices to read the stories. Kids love hearing their own voices and this will help them recall words and associate them with the pictures.

The interface is easy enough for children to use and they will have a blast listening to the playback! After they’re done, they can share it with friends and family.




I know my boys will be vying for this app, as they have with the previous two Dr. Seuss story book apps.  I’m sure it will gain lots of attention from my family, and I hope it becomes a popular favorite with yours, too!

Want to Get This App?


Download Daisy-Head Mayzie iPad App  Daisy-Head Mayzie – Dr. Seuss – Oceanhouse Media

or  Download Android App


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