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App: Spellyfish – Short A WordsShort A Words spellyfish autism app

Developer: Pyxwise Software Inc.

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Price: $.99 Download Spellyfish – Short A Words US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

Category: Language Arts Apps


Spell Like Never Before!

Pyxwise always creates and delivers quality applications, and Spellyfish – Short A Words is no exception!  This app is visually stimulating, covers topics in detail, provides help whenever kids need it, and tracks user progress.

Kids will learn phonics, letter names, and primary letter sounds.  Specifically, this app teaches children how to spell consonant-vowel-consonant words that include the letter “A” and the short “A” sound – like hat, mat, ran, etc.


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This is surely going to become one of my go-to apps when it comes to recommending spelling programs, and you should definitely try it out!  After all, at $.99, it won’t break the bank or make your wallet cry.


spellyfish short A words

Creating Users and Adjusting Settings

When the app first opens, you will have a couple of options:

  • Click the down arrow in the top left or
  • Tap the add user button in the middle of the screen

The down arrow will provide you with a “cloud and question mark” icon, something that serves as a “help” feature.  (Tapping on this “cloud and question mark” icon will provide users with a list of buttons and in-game icons.)

Tapping on the add user button will, of course, allow you to create a new user!  Type the user’s name to begin adjusting settings – you can change the app’s volume, how many times a user must complete a task in order to master it, the sounds that the keyboard makes, and much more!



Spellyfish, Helpful Starfish, and Bubbles!

In order to select a lesson, once you have created a user profile, just tap on the lesson’s name!  Then, once the lesson is highlighted, hit the forward/play arrow to begin!

If you would like to restart the lesson from the beginning, just hit the “back” arrow next to where you selected the lesson.


spellyfish app_3


Within each lesson, kids will be guided by their new undersea friend: Spellyfish!

Spellyfish talks to the kids throughout the lesson, and the app provides many helpful indicators and pointers.  For example, when kids choose a letter for their word, the shell behind that letter will change color.  If this shell becomes green, then this is the correct letter and it is in the correct location.  If this shell is red, then this letter does not have a place in the current word.  If the shell is blue, then this letter is not in the correct spot.

Simply drag blue shells left and right in order to place them where they need to be!  Use the delete key (a backwards arrow with an x inside) in order to get rid of letters.


reading app spellyfish_4


There are two starfish in this app, and they are there to help!  Tapping on the yellow starfish will allow kids to hear the sound of the letter that they are looking for, and tapping on the red/orange starfish will give kids options of letters to choose from.  (The yellow starfish serves as a primary helper, and the red/orange starfish is supposed to be more of a last resort).


Watch Jack’s Video Review of Spellyfish Short A Words



Want to Get This App?

Download Spellyfish – Short A Words US iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store


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