Toca Tailor App Review: Make Outfits, Have Fun!


App: Toca Tailortoca tailor autism app

Developer: Toca Boca AB

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Price: $2.99 Toca Tailor – Toca Boca AB

Category: Education Apps


Toca Boca Does it Again

Know any curious kiddos who want to learn how to be doctors, how to cook, how to clean houses, how to cut hair, or even how to sew dresses? Toca Boca can help!  With their amazing apps, Toca Hair, Toca Kitchen, Toca House, Toca Doctor, and Toca Tailor, they make learning life skills so much fun! The Toca Boca apps are great for autistic and special needs children in so many ways. They teach topics that help kids to become more independent, they encourage the use of fine motor skills, and they help to build users’ communication abilities.



Get Creative

Kids can choose from 4 different characters to create clothes for. The interface is so easy; kids drag and drop their choices into the picture. Upon first use, arrows help guide the user and tell them where to drag the items. There are many types of shirts, shirt sleeves, pants, skirts, and outfits to choose from, and a variety of differently-patterned fabrics as well.  Dragging fabric to the outlined pieces of clothing is great practice for those fine motor skills!




Once you have your outfit created, you can accessorize with jewelry, hats, and shoes!



Practicing Communication Skills

Our speech therapist uses Toca Boca apps like Toca House in my son’s sessions by asking him what the character is doing in each room. This helps kids answer with action verbs like “he is sweeping the floor,” and it also helps to build their vocabularies. With Toca Tailor, parents might ask questions like, “what is the leopard wearing” or “which hat do you need in the winter?” These exercises really help kids relate visual images to words and, hopefully, help them to understand what these words mean!  Building a vocabulary is essential for any child with autism.




Say Cheese

Of course, once you’ve become a fashionista, you must capture your creations in pictures! You can take pictures of your outfits and even place the characters in your own room or wherever you want with iPad’s built-in camera.




Toca Boca’s apps are well-designed and make learning so much fun!  Kids will learn life skills that they can take with them everywhere. Who knows – one of the kiddos who loves Toca Tailor may be the next Project Runway star!


Want to Get This App?


Toca Tailor – Toca Boca AB


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