Interactive Storybook for Music Lovers: Gorilla Band

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App: Gorilla Band

Developer: Wasabi Productions

Platform: iPad/Android

Price: $3.99  Download iPad App

          $2.99 Download Android App

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Gorilla Band – Dazzling Interactive Storybook App

Interactive books can really take reading to a whole new level for kids by using animation, music, and narration to bring a story to life.

Gorilla Band, created by Wasabi Productions, is an interactive book about gorillas who play music and learn how to work together. The graphics, sound, and music will certainly keep kids’ attention and help them increase their reading skills!



An Engaging Sensory Experience

Children can choose whether to read on their own or have the story read to them. Each page continues the story and prompts kids to interact.

For example, the narrator asks kids to “give her a nudge” where kids tap the gorilla who then becomes a member of the band. Kids will love this because it’s engaging them while listening to the story as it is read out loud.



Follow Along

Each word turns red as it’s being spoken.  This helps children recognize the word the next time they see it.




Kids can also tap each monkey to see what instrument they play. So while listening to the story, kids are also learning types of musical instruments and the sounds each makes.


interactive storybook Gorilla Band App


The Final Show

I love how the story also teaches children social skills like how to get along and work together. Autistic children have challenges socializing and communicating. This story shows how communicating and working together as a team can produce something so great, like a musical piece. At the end, children can tap the stage to see the band come alive!




This app is sure to keep kids’ excited about reading and music, while at the same time learning how to get along as a team to be a success!


The Gorilla Band Dance – Warning: It’s Catchy!



Want to Get This App?


Download iPad App  or  Download Android App



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