Kids Express Their Feelings with Meebie


App: Meebiemeebie app review

Developer: Gramercy Consultants

Device: iPad

Price: $.99  Download the Meebie App

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Simple, Artistic, and Fun!

Love apps that let your kids make faces and explore their creative side?  Looking for an app that can help kids express their feelings?  The Meebie app is for you!

This easy-to-use program, which is an extension of the Meebie plush toy line, lets kids create their own Meebies by adding eyes, noses, accessories, and more!

Kids can save their creation to the iPad’s photo gallery for later enjoyment.  Plus, they can make as many of these little purple creatures as they want!

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Making Your Meebies


When you first open the Meebie application, you’ll be greeted with a simple and intuitive interface!  From here, you can either “Make a New Meebie” or browse your “Saved Meebies.”

There is also a purple speaker in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and tapping this button allows you to toggle the music on and off.  (While the music adds a good atmosphere, it can become repetitive – so the on/off option is nice to have.  Of course, a lot of kids will insist that it be left on!)

When you build a new Meebie, you will be given two choices: Build a “Face” Meebie or a “Full Body” Meebie.

Selecting “Face” will give kids more room to work with the head of their furry purple friend, and the rest of the body will not be shown or editable.

Selecting “Full Body” will allow kids to customize the entire Meebie from head to toe!


Saving Your Creations!


When you’re done building your very own fabulous Meebie, just hit the Save button.  Your Meebie will now be moved into your iPad’s photo gallery!


Kids Express Their Feelings with Meebie


Saving your Meebie also allows you to give it a personality – just pick a name, a feeling, and take some credit for your work in order to complete your character!

art autism


Overall, Meebie is a simple but fun app that is good for exploring creativity, feelings, and making adorable little faces!  Try it out!

Watch Jack Create a Meebie




Want to Get This App?


Download the Meebie App from iTunes


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One Response to Kids Express Their Feelings with Meebie

  1. Annette on September 28, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Lots of nice apps, but no ipad, I live in FL, family of 4 with one income and cant find resources for a free Ipad for my 6 years old autistic son. Any idea, Im using my phone for his in home therapies.

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