Guided Video Eliminates Distractions for Kids on the Autism Spectrum


App: Guided Video

Developer: Guided Video LLC

Platform: iPad

Price: $29.99  Download GuidedVideo

Category: Behavioral Apps


Using Video to Teach Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Interactive video is a great way to keep a child’s attention, especially when you pair it with a subject they enjoy. GuidedVideo is an app created by Guided Video LLC, that uses video, audio, and interactive buttons to teach or show a child a concept.  This concept could be anything from steps to complete a task, or how to spell a word, or how to differentiate shapes.


autism spectrum app Guided Video



Autistic children thrive on visuals. They love visual schedules, social stories, and instructions that include pictures, especially of themselves and their friends and families. This app is perfect for creating these items.

For example, if a child (like my own son) has challenges with a specific activity, you could create a social story. This story could be a video that describes the activity, the benefits of it, and how much fun you could have doing the activity.




Then, the parent can create buttons with different images of children doing this particular activity on them.

You also might want to brush up on how to move photos from the internet to your iPad by reading this post.

If you had a graphic of your child doing this activity, this is even better!

Using familiar images allows the child to become comfortable with the activity and to gain confidence by seeing themselves doing the activity. As the child taps each button to see the activity, they’ll learn more.



Simple Configuration

Setting up a guided video is easy. The instructions at the beginning walk you through each step. I recommend tapping “Help” to view the steps, should you have problems.



Easy Access

Navigation controls are intentionally left out of the interface. This prevents distractions and confusion for the users.

The graphic or text buttons should be enough for a child to guide themselves through the app. The simple interface lets children be in control of where they want to go within the app.




Kids with challenges will find this app very entertaining and engaging. The great thing about this app is it’s multi-use. Parents, therapists, or teachers can create as many types of guided videos as they want, from social stories about going to the store to steps for washing their hands!


Watch a Video of This App in Action



Want to Get This App?


Click Here to Download Guided Video from the iTunes Store


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