High Functioning Autism App: Casey’s Big Day

high functioning autism app Casey's Big Day

App: Casey’s Big Day

Developer: Ruby Cube, Inc.

Platform: iPad

Price: $3.99  Download Casey’s Big Day – Social Language Skills

Category: Social Story / Reading App


Smart Stories

Making new friends, managing loud noises, and self-calming techniques can be challenging for autistic children, including those with high functioning autism (HFA).

But, Ruby Cube, Inc. has combined storytelling with graphics and audio to help children maneuver successfully through specific social scenarios. The parents of a high functioning autistic child used their experience and expertise in speech language and development to create Casey’s Big Day.

This app is the second ebook in the Storysmart Suite.  This suite of apps also includes Trudy Goes to the Beach and Ruby Gets in the Game.

Each of these stories introduces likable, quirky characters.  Your children are asked to help these characters solve problems and make the best choices for the situation they’re in.

high functioning autism app Casey's Big Day

Setting Up

Similar to Trudy Goes to the Beach, you can create a user name and a personalized sound for positive and negative reinforcement.  These customized reinforcement sounds will play after a user taps a choice.

You can even let your child record their own voice for the positive and negative sounds.  Let them be creative with it!


high functioning autism app Casey's Big Day



Familiar Situations

As the app gets started, children can tap through each chapter.  These chapters include different social scenarios.

I love how each story touches on true challenges for high-functioning autistic children. From meeting new friends, to playing on the playground, these situations can be overwhelming for our children.

As mom to an autistic son, I appreciate the expertise that went into each chapter.  I can see the developer’s experience shine through because my family can relate to the social scenarios presented in the app!

My son even came over to see what I was doing as I used the app, and he loved it.  (He has asked to read it again tomorrow.)


high functioning autism app Casey's Big Day

Good Choices

Within each chapter, kids have to choose the best phrase that makes sense for the given situation.

When they tap the blue text, a pop-up window full of options appears.

If they choose a good option, the positive reinforcement sound plays.  If they choose an option that doesn’t fit, the negative sound plays.

high functioning autism app Casey's Big Day


The help icon in the bottom toolbar provides an overview of each area of the screen. I strongly recommend reviewing this, as it can be very helpful while using the app.


high functioning autism app Casey's Big Day


Expertise Abounds in This High Functioning Autism App

I highly recommend this app because of the expertise used to create it.  We completely relate to every scenario!

Each story will keep kids engaged while also teaching them how to handle social situations that they may face on a daily basis.


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Want to Get This App?

Download Casey’s Big Day – Social Language Skills



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One Response to High Functioning Autism App: Casey’s Big Day

  1. Art on October 20, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Casey’s Big Day looks like a great app. As good as it is it is just soooo close to being a home run! Does anybody know of some other app – something similar – that allows the parent or the teacher to edit the story ever-so-slightly to make it even more personal. For example, how much more powerful might this app be if instead of Mr Lamb, the generic teacher’s name in this story, a real teacher’s name could be inserted? And the ability to edit the selectable options so they could be changed occasionally to reflect vocabulary that is being worked on or just to change some of the somewhat lame options provided. I mean, stride? Really? Does anybody stride any more?

    OK, yeah, I’m talking a seriously different app here. As much an editable story-board app as a read-back social app. And every new wrinkle adds additional complexity and problems. (i.e., changing the text means adding new voice-over.) But why not?

    Again, this seems a great app and I don’t want to detract from that. But it provides a mean to dream of something even better. Does anybody know of any such app?

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