Social Skills Wrapped In a Story: Trudy Goes to the Beach

social skills trudy goes to the beach

App: Trudy Goes to the Beach

Developer: Ruby Cube Inc.

Platform: iPad

Price: $3.99 Download storysmart1: Trudy Goes to the Beach – Social Language Skills

Category: Social Stories / Language Arts Apps


Stories Teach Social Skills

Telling stories will never go out of style. Kids love reading, hearing, and telling stories, especially children on the autism spectrum.

With new technology, like the iPad, children can even interact with a story and its characters.

Ruby Cube Inc. has created an app, Trudy Goes to the Beach, that uses audio, graphics, and stories to help autistic children learn social cues and learn how to handle certain social scenarios.

social skills App


Getting Started

The first page of Trudy Goes to the Beach prompts users to set up their user name and to record sounds for positive and negative reinforcement.

Users can record a happy sound that will play when the user chooses the right phrase and a “try-it-again” sound that plays when they choose an incorrect phrase.


social skills App

Autistic children are visual learners and the video and audio parts of this story are sure to keep kids interested and engaged.

Trudy is a quirky character who needs help recognizing how to behave in certain social settings. Kids will most likely relate to and recognize Trudy’s similar behaviors and want to help her.

The interface is simple and kids can easily maneuver through it. Children can tap through each word of the story and have it read to them.


social skills App

When kids get to an area of blue text, they can choose which phrase is appropriate for the story’s social scenario.

Each real-life story includes a scenario that children have to work through. High functioning autistic children can practice social skills by using their own critical thinking to pick which choice is appropriate.

Early readers can have the story read to them or they can read the story on their own. Parents or kids can record their own voice and listen to the story that way, too!


social skills App


Tap the arrow at the bottom to view the toolbar. I would suggest tapping the question mark (?) to see descriptions of each section of the story pages. It’s very helpful.


social skills App


Trudy Goes to the Beach is one of three stories in the storysmart suite that also includes Casey’s Big Day and Ruby Gets in the Game.

As a parent, I appreciate the expertise that the developers put into this app. It’s packed full of visuals, audio, and social scenarios that are sure to keep spectrum kiddos engaged and interested in reading while they learn social skills.


Want to Get This App?


Download storysmart1: Trudy Goes to the Beach – Social Language Skills – Ruby Cube Inc.


Watch Jack’s Video Review of Trudy Goes to the Beach




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