Educational Game Teaches Actions and Language Skills: Pogg

Pogg educational game

App: Pogg

Developer: Ricky Vuckovic

Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Android

Price: $.99

Download Pogg for iPad  or  Download Android App

Category: Educational Game


Picture Perfect Pogg

Children love pictures – it’s a given! Pogg, an educational game app developed by Ricky Vuckovic, uses colorful pictures and words, paired with the cutest little alien to teach children how to spell, read, and communicate.

Pogg wasn’t originally intended for special needs kids, but many parents, speech therapists, and teachers can use this app with autistic children and other special learners because the interface so easy to use and visually appealing.


educational game for ipad Pogg


Before You Start

Tap the Instructions button at the top of the screen to read a little about how to use Pogg. This tool is helpful and provides a great overview of how to use the app’s features. It also gives examples and explains what each button does.


educational game Pogg

Educational Game Includes a Picture Mode

Autistic children and other special needs kid are visual learners. Some children also have speech delays, making it difficult to communicate, and so they use pictures when they can’t find the words.

These children love images, graphics, and anything that includes a visual – I know my son does!

Picture mode uses images with words. Just tap Pictures to begin using the picture mode.


educational game


Children can choose a picture, with a descriptive word below it, to see Pogg in action.

For example, tap Cook or Read to see Pogg cook up a meal or read his favorite book. Pogg is so cute, he’s sure to keep kids’ attention!

He does everything from Draw to Swing!  He’s a very active little alien.


Pogg educational game app

Spelling Mode

Once a learner masters the Pictures mode, they should feel comfortable enough to try the Spelling mode.

Kids can start out by tapping the Random button, which displays Pogg involved in random actions.

For more advanced readers, the Spelling mode helps children spell words by typing a word in the “What should Pogg do now?” field.


pogg educational game app


After typing a word into the blank box and tapping Go, kids can see Pogg in action.

For example, when you type the word “slide,” Pogg slides down a swirly park slide!


educational game teaches actions


This app might be one of my favorites because of it’s ease of use and its wonderful visuals!

Autistic learners and just about everyone else will love this app and love watching Pogg cook, sing, and slide his way through teaching kids how to read and communicate!


Watch Jack’s Video Review of Pogg



Want to Get This App?

Download Pogg for iPad  or  Download Android App


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