Teha the Wind: Helps Little Leaf Fly – Read To Me Book

Read To Me Book Teha The Wind

App: Teha the Wind: Helps Little Leaf Fly

Developer: Playtales, S.L. and Easy Tiger Creations

Platform: iPad, iPhone, or Android

Price: $1.99

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Colorful Reading

Children love reading when colorful, animated pictures are involved. Teha the Wind Helps Little Leaf Fly is a storybook that uses beautifully animated scenes to teach children reading skills, problem-solving skills, and social skills.

By choosing the Autoplay option, Teha transforms into a read to me book.  This “read to me” feature  is especially good for children on the autism spectrum who have challenges with communicating and socializing. The creative team behind this interactive eBook includes a Speech Pathologist, and it shows!  Teha the Wind is sure to engage kids while teaching about important skills.


Teha Read to Me Book


Read To Me Book Actually Has Three Modes!

There are three different play modes to choose from:

  1. AutoPlay, which reads through the entire story and turns pages
  2. Read to Me, where children tap the page corner to turn a page when ready
  3. Read on My Own, where children can read at their own pace



Learning Social Skills

I love the way this ebook includes teaching about important social skills like friendship and teamwork.

Teha the Wind helps children on the spectrum visually see a scene taking place and lets them read the words that are appropriate to say in certain situations.

Kids can watch Teha help her friend learn a new skill.  The story demonstrates how believing in one’s self really gets them far!

A lot of autistic children face challenges every day and the positive theme in this story shows how Little Leaf keeps trying and finally learns what he wants to achieve!





There are tappable areas on each page in the Read to Me book mode.

I really love the way each tappable area is highlighted by an animated circle.  This makes it easy for kids to see the area that they should tap.




Reading Skills

Children can practice their reading skills, and they can use the story to help them learn to recognize new words.

If kids choose to start by having the story read to them (Autoplay) a few times.  They will be reading it on their own in no time!




Teha and Little Leaf’s adventures are sure to keep children interested with the beautiful illustrations and interactive pages.  This app will also teach them important social and reading skills that they can apply to their own situations.

This interactive storybook is sure to be a hit with kids!


Want to Get This App?

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3 Responses to Teha the Wind: Helps Little Leaf Fly – Read To Me Book

  1. Anonymous on November 20, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    I love the Teha the Wind book. It is so great to see such quality books for kids. Highly recommended. Nina

  2. nina on November 20, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Get this book for your child. It is made by a speech pathologist and a team of artists who teach kids. Excellent quality.

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