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Shape The Villageshape the village autism app

Developer: WiseKids

Platform: iPhone, iPod, iPad

Price: $1.99 Shape the Village – Interactive Introduction on Circle, Triangle and Square for Kids – WiseKids

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Shape The Village Takes The Cake: My New Favorite App

It’s official!

I have a new favorite special needs app.  Shape The Village, developed by WiseKids, is absolutely the most awesome application that I have reviewed in a long time!

I am astounded at how well-put together this program is: it’s beautiful, educational, a ton of fun, motivating, stimulating, and overall just an incredible experience.


activities for kids shape the village app

Fun Activities For Kids Promote Learning

Shape The Village will undoubtedly transform your children into shape experts, and it will be one of their favorite apps to play with.

In this game, your child is tasked with putting the villages back together!  Tap on creatures to see them dance, and tap on the wiggling pieces in order to help put a piece of the town back together.

Each mini game is terribly exciting, and Shape The Village really gets you to love all of the characters that you meet and create throughout your journey!  This app reminds me of Animal Crossing, as all of the characters will go to sleep at 10 p.m. and awaken at 7 a.m., just like real people!  The characters all drive/walk/cruise around and go about their business as your child works to help them rebuild their city.

Again, I would like to emphasize how great this app is – I don’t think I can recommend any app more than I recommend this one!  (That’s a challenge to all of my super-talented app developer friends!)

Educational Activities for Kids App

Rebuilding Your Village

Shape The Village makes putting together your city a fun task.  Tapping on any wiggling structures will bring you to a mini game in which you, in one way or another, drag shapes around and put a broken piece of the town back together.

The variety with which the app approaches these games is really what makes it so awesome – tasks are hard enough to be interesting, but easy enough to be a blast for kids with lower-level motor skills!

Drag pieces back onto a smiling steamboat, help clean the windows of a rocket ship, and break a friendly Yeti out of a block of ice!

Kids will be enthralled with the creativity of Shape The Village.  As I write this review, all of my characters are laying down to sleep.


Learn Shapes activities for kids shape the village app 3

Workbook Mode

As if all of this wasn’t enough to get me to hand over my $1.99 with a smile on my face (it’s been discounted from $2.99 for a limited time only), Shape The Village also includes PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS!



iPad App activities for kids shape the village app 5


There are a ton of great activities for kids included in the app, and you can print them off or download them to your computer.

Some of the ideas in these activities are mind-blowing, and you’ll have a great time going through them with your kids.  And, of course, this whole experience makes sure that kids understand shapes better than they ever have.


Square Triangle Circle Shapes activities for kids shape the village app 4

Want to Get This App?

Download Shape the Village – Interactive Introduction on Circle, Triangle and Square for Kids – WiseKids

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  1. shapebear on May 4, 2015 at 10:48 am

    Do you want your child to improve his fine motor skills?Do you want to stimulate his logical thinking?
    So you have found what you ask for..

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