Autism Gifts Teens and Tweens Will Love This Christmas

We know that the holiday season is approaching quickly, what with Thanksgiving being only a few days away.  API wants to make sure that you have some awesome ideas for autism gifts teens and tweens will enjoy!

If you know and love an older child who has autism, then this list is going to be a lifesaver when it comes to getting the perfect gift!

(Also be sure tho check out these DIY fun activities for children with autism so that you will prepared for downtime over the holidays!)

Autism Gifts – Teens and Tweens


Autism Gifts Teens and Tweens


Archiquest Classical & European Architecture

What could be more visually and physically stimulating than colorful blocks like these?  Kids can follow the included 66-page guide to build their own masterpieces.  If your child prefers a freestyle approach, let them stack the blocks up as high as they will go and watch them laugh as they all tumble down!

This set includes 121 colorful wooden blocks in classical architecture shapes.  The blocks are painted with water-based, non-toxic colors, so they’re safe for kids who sometimes want to taste their toys.  But, remember that this set is not for children under 3 years of age because it contains some small parts.

If you’re looking for a set of blocks for your tween or teen-age kids to play with that are a bit outside of the box, then look no further.

Archiquest Classical & European Architecture is available at


Autism gifts teens want Game for Teens Rollick




Rollick! is a team-based game of charades that includes over 750 clues.  Not only will it be a blast to see these kids acting out whatever is on their card, it’s a great opportunity for you to help them learn about new things.  Heimlich Maneuver? Tug o’ War?   For instance, “Back Seat Driver” (which is something that many of us adults know all too much about) may be a new concept for your teen.

Rollick! doesn’t leave your teen or tween out on their own like traditional chardes.  The designers of this version have turned charades on its head by having the entire team act out a word or phrase while one person guesses.

Is your kid an aspiring actor? Let him always be on the acting team while the rest of the team members take turns at being the guesser!  This is one of those autism gifts teens will love to receive and to play with friends and family members on their holiday break.

Click Here to buy Rollick! online


autism gifts teens will love foam fountain


Foam Fountain

Visually stimulating is the key word with this gift idea!  I know that I would sit and watch the foam fountain for a decent amount of time, so kids who enjoy colorful and vibrant displays are really going to be mesmerized!  If your teen is really into these kind of mood-setting accessories, you might want to check out the Jellyfish Mood Lamp, which we talked about in our 10 Best Selling Autism Toys post a while back.

Foam Fountain is available online



Autism Game for Teens


Reverse Charades

Similar to Rollick! (above), Reverse Charades is a backwards take on the game that we all know and love.  Instead of one person acting and everyone else guessing, everyone acts and one person guesses.

What makes it so fun? It’s fast-paced! Teams must guess as many words as possible in 60 seconds.  720 words are included, and expansion packs are available, too!  The new expansion packs include: Girls’ Night In, Sports Edition, and a Holiday Edition.

A great change-up for teens and tweens with autism who want to act every single time!

Get Reverse Charades here.


fidget set autism gifts teens tweens


Fidget Set

Need some stretchy, bouncy, textured, colorful toys for your kids to play with?  Look no further – this is a set of tactile toys that will blow your mind!  The toys include: a Moody Face, Stretchy Frogs, Bendy Man, Super Sticky Starfish and more.   These textures are sure to keep hands busy when stress or boredom strike.

You can find this funky Fidget Set online.


autism gifts teens love Bubble Talk Game


Bubble Talk – Game

Bubble Talk is a game reminiscent of Apples To Apples.  Basically, players try to match captions to pictures in a way that is either logical or hilarious!  A judge then decides who wins for that picture.  This will be great fun for teens and tweens on the spectrum, since we know that they love silly things just as much as the next guy!

Bubble Talk is available at National Autism Resources.


Autism Gift Ideas: It’s Your Turn

What are some of your favorite autism gifts for teens and tweens?  We’d love to hear about what toys are popular with your children.  Share in the comments!

Want more ideas? Check out our 10 Best Selling Autism Toys and Therapy Products.


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