Crack the Books™: Digital Science Books with Adjustable Reading Levels

crack the science books

App: Crack the Books™ – iBook Series

Developer: Mobile Education Store

Platform: iPad

Price: $18.99 ea.
Pines to Vines – The Forest Biome (grades 1-8)
Blades – The Grassland Biome (grades 3-5)
Seashores to Sea Floors – The Ocean Biome (grades 3-5)

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Interactive Books are Powerful Teaching Tools

digital science books crack the books

Science becomes more fun and less work when you’ve got engaging video, submarines, vibrant pictures, and interactive globes to work with!

Mobile Education Store’s Crack the Books™ iBook series includes three interactive digital science books:

  • Pines to Vines – The Forest Biome (grades 1-8)
  • Blades – The Grassland Biome (grades 3-5)
  • Seashores to Sea Floors – The Ocean Biome (grades 3-5)

These science book apps include pop-up definitions, Lexile-certified reading levels, text-to-speech, text zoom and so much more.

Children of all ages will love learning about science using these books!

digital science books

Will Be Loved by Teachers and Students Alike

Crack the Books™ really is an all-inclusive tool because it includes specific features for both users and teachers.

These digital science books feature audio and visual pieces including beautiful high-definition photographs, videos, fun facts, interactive charts, tables and globes.

With learning in mind, comprehension supports are built into the text with pop-up definitions of new vocabulary. Users can also create bookmarks, highlights, and study notes to manage their own learning.


digital science books "Crack the Books"


Teachers will appreciate the interactive tests and glossaries for each chapter and reading level. The interface makes it easy for students of all levels.

Features that make it easy for  every type of learner to answer questions are:

  • drag-and-drop
  • true/false
  • multiple choice
  • essay writing

The non-essay test questions are automatically graded, making it easy for parents and teachers to measure the child’s concept and reading comprehension skills.




Adjustable Reading Levels

What I love about these iBooks is that they can be adjusted for students at various reading levels from grades 1 thru 8 without compromising the lessons being taught.

Special needs and autistic children are visual learners.  These digital science books are packed full of visuals like interactive video and pictures.  These features are especially engaging for children who need that extra help.

With loads of audio support, children can also have the books read to them or they can choose to read the book themselves.


Kids Can Immerse Themselves In Science

The example below is from the Seashores to Sea Floors book. Learners will love the simulated submarine where they explore creatures in the ocean depths.




Students can change the settings for their own personal needs. For example, kids with visual challenges can increase text size. All they have to do is tap “Settings” to adjust text and reading options.




Taking Notes

Each digital book lets users take notes while reading. This is helpful for students to record thoughts and important facts.  It also helps kids build their reading comprehension skills.




These science books also include maps.  These are no ordinary maps!  They feature icons for tapping.  Once the child taps a spot on the map, they will be given scientific information about that place.

The example below shows the map from Pines to Vines and includes tappable spots indicating where each biome is located.



Bring the Wonders of Science To Your Child’s iPad

I truly enjoyed reviewing these book apps because of the abundance of learning and teaching elements for all types of learners and readers. This series of science books is something that all students can learn from — and it’s fun!

I can’t wait to use it with my 2nd and 3rd graders. A big thank you to Mobile Education Store, LLC – you’ve done it again!


Want to Get These Apps?

Download these digital science books from the iTunes Store:

Pines to Vines – The Forest Biome (grades 1-8)
Blades – The Grassland Biome (grades 3-5)
Seashores to Sea Floors – The Ocean Biome (grades 3-5)


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