Create the Perfect Holiday Card: Toonia Cardcreator – Holidays

Toonia Cardcreator Holiday Card

App: Toonia Cardcreator – Holidays

Developer: 3fs – Toonia Apps

Platform: iPad

Price: $.99 Toonia Cardcreator: Holidays

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Creating a Perfect Holiday Card

Sweat is dripping down your face, the kids are whining and hungry, and you forgot why you even thought a family picture was a good idea! It’s that special time of year when families are on a mission to get that perfect picture for a holiday card.

Why not let the kids design them this year with the Toonia Cardcreator for the Holidays? What a great app created by Toonia Apps that lets kids design one-of-a-kind cards using graphics and their own personal message!


Holiday Card Creator from Toonia

Personalize It

With a number of backgrounds and graphics to choose from, kids can make their cards exactly how they want them. The interface is so simple to use, the drag-and-drop feature is easy enough for little ones to use.

Autistic children sometimes have communication challenges and the pictures with arrows and icons do a great job of explaining what to do without words.


holiday card app


Kids can even change the emotions on the character’s faces. This feature is great because it teaches kids what different emotions look like.  It makes them think about whether or not the emotion is appropriate for the card they’re creating. And what a great way to stay in touch with family members across the globe!



Send a Message

Kids (or mom and dad) can even write a personal message and sign the card using the Toonia writing area!

Tap the Toonia area at the bottom-right to use your finger to sign the card. There is also an option to type your message with the keyboard.


holiday card ipad app

Once you’re finished, mom or dad can email the beautifully created card to grandma, grandpa, and all the aunts and uncles!

Kids can also choose to share them on social networking sites. Cardcreator allows you to send personalized Christmas, holiday, or New Year cards to all of your family members!


Create Holiday Cards

This one is sure to be a favorite for the holidays. So, moms, let those kids at it and let them create the holiday card this year!


Want To Make Birthday and Get Well Cards, Too?

If you like this app, you might also like Toonia’s Cardcreator, which includes four themes: Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Summertime, and School Days – only $.99.

Read our Cardcreator app review here.


Want to Get This App?

Download Toonia Cardcreator: Holidays – Create, Print & Send Your Own Personalized Christmas Cards


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